The VLSI Design & Test Seminar Series
seeks to provide an open forum for various faculty, graduate and undergraduate students with research and development efforts in the area of design and test of VLSI systems, including application specific and programmable circuits in digital, analog, and mixed-signal microsystems. The goal is to promote further learning, discussion, and teamwork along with the conception and development of exciting new ideas.

The seminar series counts as a 1-credit course ELEC7950-001 (which may be repeated for up to 3 credits).


This seminar series sponsored by:

the Testing Group at Auburn:

Vishwani Agrawal - Design for Testability (DFT) and low-power design

Foster Dai - mixed-signal and analog design and testing

Vic Nelson - ASIC/FPGA testing and fault tolerance

Adit Singh - digital and mixed-signal VLSI design and Design for Testability (DFT)

Chuck Stroud - digital and mixed-signal Built-In Self-Test (BIST)


Fall 2011 schedule:

When: Wednesdays from 4-5:30PM (* indicates schedule changes)

Where: Broun Hall room 235 (** indicates location change)

Coordinator: Vishwani Agrawal

Invitation: If you are interested in presenting a seminar during Fall 2011, please contact the coordinator.

Notes: The following is a tentative schedule for Fall 2011.  The link under Speaker is to an abstract of the presentation and the link under Topic is to a pdf or ppt file of the presentation slides.


Speaker (w/ link to abstract)

Topic (w/ link to presentation slides after seminar date)

Aug. 17

Hao Yu

Research on Advanced Learning Algorithms of Neural Networks (PhD Defense)

Aug. 24

Charles Stroud 

Built-In Self-Test for Spartan-6 FieldProgrammable Gate Arrays (Logic & RAMs), Part I 

Aug. 31

Alex Lusco 

Evaluating the Digital Fault Coverage for a Mixed-Signal Built-In Self-Test (MS Defense) 

Sep. 7

Charles Stroud 

Built-In Self-Test for Spartan-6 FieldProgrammable Gate Arrays (Logic & RAMs), Part II 

Sep. 14

Praveen Venkataramani 

Test Power Reduction in Leading Edge IP Using Cadence Encounter Test ATPG (Summer Internship Experience at Texas Intruments) 

Sep. 21

No Seminar 

International Test Conference, Anaheim, CA, Sep. 18-23, 2011 

Sep. 28

Vijay B. Sheshadri 

Evaluating Impact of Soft Errors in an Embedded System (Summer Internship Experience at Texas Intruments) 

Oct. 5

Victor Nelson 

Computer-Aided ASIC Design: Concept to Silicon 

Oct. 12

Alvin J. Joseph, IBM 

Silicon Technology Solutions for Mobile Applications 

Oct. 19

Mridula Allani 

Polynomial-Time Algorithms for Designing Dual-Voltage Energy Efficient Circuits (MS Defense) 

Oct. 26

Lixing Zhao 

On Diagnosing Multiple Net-Faults in a Combinational Circuit (MS Defense) 

Nov. 2

Neil Da Cunha
Ahmed Faraz 

Da Cunha: A Unified Program for Modifying Built-In Self-Test Architectures for Xilinx Field Programmable Gate Arrays (MEE Defense)
Faraz: Evaluation of a Circuit Path Delay Tuning Technique for Nanometer CMOS (MEE Defense) 

Nov. 9

Abhijit Chatterjee, Georgia Tech 

Process and Environment-Adaptive "Self-Aware" Rf/Mixed-Signal Circuits and Systems 

Nov. 16

Xi Qian 

Diagnosing Multiple Slow Gates for Performance Tuning in the Face of Extreme Process Variations 

Nov. 23

No Seminar 

Thanksgiving break 

Thu. Dec. 1*, 4PM, Broun 113**

Bruce Kim, U. of Alabama 

RADPro: Automatic Test Program Generation Tool for Mixed-Signal and RF IC Load Board 


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