Hank Hartsfield

Hartsfield was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and his mother, Mrs. Norma Hartsfield, still resides there. He is married to the former Judy Frances Massey of Princeton, North Carolina and has two daughters:


Other occupation Test Pilot  and Physicist

Rank Colonel, USAF

Space time 20d 02h 50m

Selection 1966 USAF MOL Group, 1969 NASA Group 7

Missions STS-4, STS-41-D, STS-61-A

Col Hartsfield Graduated from Auburn in 1954 with a degree in physics. After Graduation he entered The USAF and logged over 7300 jet hours. He was part of the USAF Manned Orbiting Laboratory Program.  In 1969 after cancelation of MOL, he entered NASA.

He went to hold several positions in NASA and retired to join the private sector form which he retired in 2005.

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