For nearly 75 years, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics has been the principal voice and technical society devoted to continuing contributions and global leadership in the aerospace community.

Auburn's student branch of AIAA hosts various events through out the year for the aerospace department and its members. In addition, the student chapter is actively involved with AIAA conferences hosted by our district.

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How to Join?

Joining AIAA is a rather simple process. All that is required is to pay the $10 local dues to become a member of Auburn's chapter of AIAA. In addition, it is encouraged to register as an official AIAA member.
By paying the local dues and being an actual member of AIAA, members have the opportunity to attend the District AIAA Conference. Some other benefits to being a member are discounts on certain AIAA textbooks, access to technical papers via the national AIAA website, and the opportunity to interact with your fellow aerospace engineering students.

AIAA Fridge

There is a refrigerator in the aerospace computer lab (the 3rd floor computer lab) offering drinks, candy, and snacks. Everything in the fridge is $0.50 with the exception of Red Bulls which are $2.00.
All money should be placed in the money box on top of fridge. IOUs are accepted but should not reach excessive amounts and should be paid by the end of every week.

Contact Kevin Albarado at for additional details and requests for fridge items.

AIAA Information