Sisterhood of success: Three Auburn Engineering alumnae embrace education, family

10/5/23 10:00 AM

From a young age, sisters Julie Nguyen, Kathy Martin and Carolyn Farmer were taught the value of education. Nguyen graduated from Auburn in 1993 in electrical engineering, Martin in 1994 in civil engineering and Farmer in 2000 in mechanical engineering – each in only three years. Though they all made their way back to Huntsville, each of the Auburn alumnae took their degrees into different fields.


Defense executive gives back locally

2/1/23 3:05 PM

Defense executive Kuan Collins is giving back locally through Auburn University's 100+ Women Strong program in the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering


Newest Auburn history book highlights women in engineering

10/20/22 3:00 PM

Art Slotkin, ’68 aerospace engineering, has written 11 books, nine of which detail aspects of Auburn University’s history. His newest book, “Across Three Centuries”, profiles the history of women—specifically those in engineering—at Auburn.


Inspiring and encouraging future female engineers

9/7/22 3:00 PM

Sharlene Evans, committed alumnae and donor of Auburn Engineering, was recently the keynote speaker at the 100+ Women Strong New Student Welcome Event. She shared with them lessons on leadership and confidence.


Sisters give back to future female engineers through 100+ Women Strong

1/4/22 10:00 AM

For the true Auburn Family experience, twin sisters Jesse and Jordan McLeroy decided not only to attend Auburn together, they actually graduated with the same major. Both 2019 chemical engineering graduates, the McLeroy sisters are now in very different places – Jesse in Colorado and Jordan in Mobile – and very different engineering careers, but they started out together.


Finding community through 100+ Women Strong

11/2/21 11:05 AM

For those female engineering graduates looking to give back to the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering and help the next generation of Auburn Engineering women, 100+ Women Strong is the perfect outlet. “I’ve always knew I wanted to give back to Auburn by helping students,” said Anne-Marie Larsen, ‘92 computer science. “I don’t have any children, and serving as a mentor is a way for me to have input in a young person’s life.”


Alumna calls on engineering students to be the change

10/6/21 9:00 AM

Charria Campbell, ’05 chemical engineering, has been catalyzing connections for underrepresented students interested in engineering since she graduated from Auburn. Her time at the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering shaped her career in ways she did not expect. “The field of Diversity and Inclusion found me,” Campbell said. “My experience with the Engineering Academic Excellence Program (AEP) – then called the Minority Engineering Program – and the COSAM Drop-In Center at Auburn changed my life.”


Leading by example

8/2/21 10:00 AM

Cheryl Seals, the Charles W. Barkley Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering, is all about making connections and building long-term relationships. Seals has helped many students find their place at Auburn. She has previously served as the interim director of the Engineering Academic Excellence Program and currently serves as the faculty advisor for the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and she is the faculty liaison for 100+ Women Strong. Her role as a faculty member and her strong advocacy for outreach has helped bolster the mission of 100+ Women Strong: to recruit, retain and reward women in engineering.


Former president and CEO of American Water gives back to Auburn Engineering

7/21/21 11:20 AM

"To create a great company culture, everything comes back to the issue of respect for every single person,” said Susan Story, former president and CEO of American Water, the largest water utility in the United States. “I believe listening is a great sign of respect, and as a leader, I always made it a priority to listen.”


Forging new paths, engineering alumna gives back through 100+ Women Strong

7/15/21 10:00 AM

The path from civil engineering to president of the Metro Atlanta Chamber may not be the clearest, but it was one Katie Kirkpatrick, ’95 was happy to trail blaze. Kirkpatrick knew from an early age that she wanted to go to Auburn. And with her high school success in math and science, she had her career picked out as an engineer.


100+ Women Strong Innovator Sponsor talks recruiting

6/29/21 4:00 PM

Nalco Water, a division of Ecolab, has a corporate diversity mission statement that sounds fairly familiar. According to Beth Parola, assistant vice president of Nalco Water, the company seeks to “recruit, retain and grow” the number women in engineering. “Our company goals align perfectly with 100+ Women Strong,” said Parola, ’91 chemical engineering.


Growing stronger through virtual connections

5/6/21 8:00 AM

Molly Boudreaux and Barbara Staples got a late start, they like to say. The mentor and mentee met during Boudreaux’s sophomore year. The 100+ Women Strong mentorship match happened after the 2018 April meeting. And while Staples and Boudreaux met a few times on campus, their mentorship relationship grew to what it is today over the COVID-19 lockdown.


Virtual Day of Thanks connects students, alumni, faculty and friends

2/10/21 10:05 AM

Students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of Auburn University gathered virtually Friday, Feb. 5 to participate in a Day of Thanks. What would have been the annual in-person Evening of Thanks, hosted by the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, instead took place over Zoom in two different reception sessions.


Chemical engineering graduate sets example for future Black women in engineering

2/8/21 8:05 AM

“If I can see you, I can be you.” This is the example Rodmesia Clarke, ‘08 chemical engineering, hopes to set for future women in engineering, particularly women of color. While Clarke was the first in her family to attend college, she says her life was shaped by the hard-working women in her life.


Virtual New Student Welcome hosts students, parents and members

8/5/20 11:02 AM

More than 100 incoming female engineering students, 60 parents, 60 alumni members of 100+ Women Strong, faculty and staff joined the New Student Welcome hosted by 100+ Women Strong on August 4. The event, which was hosted via Zoom rather than in person, allowed students to hear from Christopher B. Roberts, dean of engineering and interim vice president for development, as well as keynote speaker Susan Story, ’81 industrial engineering. Incoming freshman and current students were also welcomed with a surprise virtual visit from Aubie before joining group breakouts to talk with other students about their upcoming classes.


Tackling real-world problems, alumna partners with Auburn Engineering’s 100+ Women Strong and Corporate Relations

5/3/20 9:58 AM

At a time when the future seems uncertain, Rekha Menon-Varma, a chemical engineering graduate, offers solutions. Vertaeon – the business she co-founded – provides assessment tools and mitigation solutions for risk management. More specifically, Varma’s business focuses on enterprise and supply chain risks and sustainable operations.


Arnold named senior director of Auburn Engineering’s Office of Development

4/22/20 2:16 PM

Margaret Arnold has been named senior director of development for the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, according to an announcement by Christopher B. Roberts, dean of engineering.


Young alumna advocates for Auburn Engineering

4/20/20 12:03 PM

Jasmyne Brown, ’17 industrial and systems engineering, is an advocate for all things Auburn Engineering. As a student, she was a Cupola Engineering Ambassador, a member of the Academic Excellence Program and a mentee for 100+ Women Strong.


Auburn Engineering online provides new opportunities for connection

4/7/20 11:02 AM

Working in software development for the federal government in Huntsville, Tara Battle, ’18 mechanical engineering, is the chief engineer of her department. Her career in defense spans many years and areas of expertise. Battle has worked for the government since 2010, and after moving to Huntsville, she decided to go back to school. But she did not want to slow down with work to get her degree.


Young alumna finds joy, connection in mentorship

3/26/20 11:01 AM

As a student, Manda Tucker, ’16 industrial and systems engineering, loved Auburn Engineering. Looking back, she says she “doesn’t remember sleeping much,” with late nights spent studying and preparing for projects. But even with the hours of work she put into her engineering degree, she loved every minute of it.


Engineering alumna talks Frito-Lay productivity

3/6/20 1:07 PM

Making the drive from the largest Frito-Lay facility in North America, Katelyn Rheinlander came to Auburn to spend the day with current and perspective students during E-day. She then took the opportunity to sit down with the communications and marketing podcast team to talk about her position at Frito-Lay, her experience as an Auburn Engineering alumna and member of 100+ Women Strong.


Vision-sharing 100+ Women Strong sponsor finds strength in diversity

3/2/20 9:03 AM

AM/NS Calvert, a joint venture between ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel Corporation, had a lot to say about Auburn Engineering’s 100+ Women Strong program. As new Visionary Sponsors of 100+ Women Strong, AM/NS Calvert sees value in the program—value that aligns with their own vision and purpose.


Auburn Engineering alumna, 100+ Women Strong member encourages students to soar

2/13/20 8:03 AM

Next to the tall windows in Paula Marino’s office sits a bronze eagle. The statue – which rests proudly upon a nearly 3-foot high platform – is a lifelike replica. It’s not an Auburn eagle, “but it’s also not not an Auburn eagle,” said Paula Marino, ’92 and ’95 electrical engineering.


2019 in review: Top Auburn Engineering stories of the year

12/31/19 9:13 AM

There’s no denying it was a big year for the Auburn University Samuel Ginn College of Engineering. From opening the brand new Brown-Kopel Engineering Student Achievement Center to enjoying a banner year in research, the college had no shortage of notable achievements.


Disney, speed mentoring match two 100+ Women Strong members

11/22/19 12:07 PM

Disney+ may be all the new rage, but it has been connecting folks well before becoming a streaming service. Well, it’s connected two Auburn Engineers, anyway.


Drone researcher, alumna, surveys landscape and water systems, lands on 100+ Women Strong

11/7/19 11:07 AM

Beth Prior is determined to change the world. And she’s using her Auburn education to do just that.


Gaining a global perspective, two female engineers find support from 100+ Women Strong

10/23/19 11:07 AM

Two female Auburn Engineers receive travel awards from 100+ Women Strong to study abroad.


The Legend of Nelda

8/1/19 12:00 AM

After becoming the second woman to earn an aerospace engineering degree from the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering in 1969, Nelda Lee went on to a phenomenal 45 years in flight and ground test engineering with Boeing. On April 29, 1980, Nelda Lee became the first woman to fly an F-15 Eagle, the plane she helped design and devoted nearly half a century to.