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Graduate Certificates in Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • The Civil and Environmental Engineering Department has seven graduate certificate programs:
  • After receiving a Bachelor's degree, if you are not ready to start or apply for a graduate degree but still want to take several graduate courses in a specific specialty area, you can go through the certificate graduate program.
  • Apply online ( in the ApplyYourself system, and select "Certificate/Graduate-CertificateName." If you are in the "Non-Degree/Graduate School" program now, you can request the application fee waiver (contact Justin Gilbert in the Graduate School) before paying the application fee since the fee is not refundable. The CEE Department will process your application. You need to submit your transcripts for the application.
  • Most students take 1-2 courses per semester and complete their certificate in 3–4 semesters. Graduate-level courses are not typically offered in the summer.
  • Information on tuition and fees can be found at
  • For additional questions about the online certificate program, please contact Auburn Engineering Online (
  • If a student needs to switch or continue to a new certificate program, please contact the certificate coordinator (the student may need to apply for it or be processed by the Graduate School).
  • Each civil and environmental engineering graduate certificate requires the student to take 12 credit hours of graduate courses (4 courses). All these 12 hours can be used toward a graduate degree (e.g., Master of Engineering, Master of Civil Engineering) in the future. If a student plans to continue a master's degree, the student needs to apply for it in the ApplyYourself system. The application fee can be waived for graduate students who are registered for courses, please contact Justin Gilbert in the Graduate School.
  • You should contact the instructor to see whether you have an adequate academic background to take the course.
  • If an existing graduate student at Auburn would like to receive a graduate certificate, please contact the Graduate Program Officer in Civil and Environmental Engineering.
  • Students who are admitted to a graduate certificate program may use a limited amount of course work taken at another accredited university to meet certificate requirements, with the approval of the program faculty and the Graduate School.*  The total number of credits transferred shall not exceed 40% of the total required for the Certificate (i.e., one course). Total credits allowed to transfer may be less as determined by the Certificate Program. Such transfer credit must fall within the time limits of the certificate program. Students must provide an official transcript showing credit earned for the course and documentary evidence that the course is comparable to similar graduate courses in the certificate program at Auburn University. No course on which a grade lower than B was earned may be transferred. *A student may not use the same graduate course for both undergraduate and graduate credit. (from