The Stormwater Research Facility is used to educate and train environmental regulators, designers, contractors, and inspectors in proper design, installation, maintenance, and inspection practices. Using information obtained through research, guidance is developed to aid practitioners in selecting effective construction stormwater practices, ensuring proper installation of practices, inspection procedures, and maintenance issues. The full-scale test channels and apparatus are used to showcase proper and improper installation techniques of ditch checks, inlet protection practices, sediment basin, sediment retention barriers, and several other common erosion and sediment control practices. Training events are designed to educate participants on the different failure modes of improperly installed practices, while also illustrating how failure modes could be prevented with the selection of the correct practice for scenarios expected in the field (e.g., rain events, various flow rates, etc.).



  • Channel Lining
  • Construction Exit Pad
  • Ditch Check Practices
  • Erosion Control Blankets
  • Hydromulching
  • Inlet Protection Practices
  • Floating Turbidity Barriers
  • Flocculants
  • Sediment Basins
  • Sediment Basin Outlets
  • Sediment Retention Barrier
  • Silt Fence Installation Practices
  • Slope Drains
  • Slope Interrupters
  • Stock Pile Management



Two upcoming training events are being offered to provide industry participants education on implementation tools and installation techniques to provide efficient and effective erosion and sediment controls in both horizontal and vertical construction in an effort to improve environmental compliance and water quality. These seminars should be of interest to: consultants, contractors, engineers, installers, project managers, superintendents, and state/county/municipal agency personnel.


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