SEDspread is a user-friendly spreadsheet-based design tool for designers to appropriately size sediment basin parameters.  The workbook allows users to input site specific parameters and constraints to determine: basin capacity and configuration, surface skimmer size and dewatering rate, auxiliary spillway design, and baffle configuration.  The workbook includes a summary sheet that provides users with schematics of the designed basin, available as a supplement to facilitate effective communication between designers and contractors for constructing/installing the basin.  SEDspread includes geospatially derived and referenced data that allows for automated selection of design hydrologic and soil conditions through the input of a project location’s U.S. ZIP code.  Sizing can be based off: local 2-yr, 24-hr rainfall event (by ZIP code), regulatory guidance (see list of supported agencies), or through manual sizing input. 

Download Here: SEDspread v1.0

note: requires solver add-in to be enabled - see how


Currently Supported Regulatory Designs:

  • Alabama Dept. of Transportation [ALDOT] (2014). "Standard Best Management Practices". Montgomery, AL.
  • Alabama Soil and Water Conservation Committee [AL-SWCC] (2014). "Alabama Handbook for Erosion Control, Sediment Control and Stormwater Management on Construction Sites and Urban Areas." Montgomery, AL.
  • North Carolina Department of Transportation [NCDOT] (2015). "NCDOT Erosion & Sediment Control Manual". Raleigh, NC.