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Geotechnical Engineering Laboratories

The Auburn University Department of Civil Engineering has two geotechnical engineering laboratories with approximately 5,000 square feet of floor space. The laboratories are equipped with standard and advanced soils testing equipment for classification, compaction, and shear strength.

Geotechnical laboratories include an undergraduate laboratory with equipment to run routine soil tests such as classification, compaction, CBR, unconfined compression, permeability, and dispersion, and a graduate laboratory with equipment to run advanced tests such as triaxial and direct shear, and consolidation. In-situ soil testing equipment includes spilt spoon and Shelby tube samplers, a seismic dilatometer, an Iowa borehole shear test, and a dynamic cone penetrometer.  The laboratory also supports advanced field loading, instrumentation, and data acquisition systems for full scale infrastructure testing. This includes a long stroke high capacity actuator, vibrating wire and resistance based sensors, and high and low speed data acquisition systems.