This page last updated May 19, 2020

Lab Experiments

Writeups include the prelab assignment. Print off and bring your copy to the lab lecture and to lab.

Meeting Date Topics Writeup
1 5/27 Simulation of logic circuits. Read the writeup, and complete the tutorial by Dr. Nelson. Submit prelab to your GTA as instructed by GTA’s email or in class. Must be received before the start time of your regular lab meeting. Include cover sheet. There is no quiz (10 free points). Lab report includes (1) a hardcopy part and (2) an emailed part. No lab lecture. Lab2, Multisim Tutorial
2 6/1 Equipment intro, safety review, basic digital logic circuits Lab1
3 6/3 Medium Scale Integration (MSI) MUX / DEMUX. Lab3
4 6/8 Binary arithmetic circuits Lab4, CD74ACT283 Adder Datasheet
5 6/10 Switch de-bouncing Lab5
6 6/15 Diodes and rectifiers Lab 6
7 6/22 Bipolar junction transistors Lab 7
8 6/29 Design project preparation. No meeting in lab. Lab lecture only. Lab 11
9 7/1 Free Space Optical Communication Link Lab 8
10 7/6 FETs and CMOS Inverter Lab 9
11 7/13 CMOS logic Lab 10
12 7/20 4R Biased Amplifiers. At lab time, you need to let your GTA know precisely the parts you need for final design project so your GTAs will make sure the parts are available. Lab 12 Prelab Help
13 7/28 Final design project *  

*You must join in the Zoom meeting for lab 13 to demonstrate your own final project.

Final Project Report Deadline: Your report is due noon time on Jul. 26, 2020. Please submit reports to your GTA.

GTA Mailboxes

The mailboxes are located on the second floor of Broun, in the main offices. The mailbox will have the GTA’s last name at the bottom, along with the names of two other graduate students.

Data Sheets

List of parts available in the lab

TTL data sheet archive from

Some electronics parts and breadboarding accessories are available at the scientific supply store (SSS) on campus at very low prices. The SSS is located in 211 Science Center Lab Bldg. It is open M-F from 8:00 - 4:30. The parts list and prices are linked here. They accept cash or check, no cards. The phone # is 4-4307.