2. Lab ReportsΒΆ

Most lab meetings will have an associated pre-lab and a quiz. Meetings 1-11 will have an associated lab report, and there is a report for the final project.

  • The pre-lab is due when you arrive at your section’s lab meeting. It will be checked off as you arrive, but you will submit it as you leave. This is so you can use circuit diagrams, equations, data sheets, etc. during your lab work. Prelab questions may be asked and discussed at the Monday lab lecture.
  • The quiz will be given before you start your lab work, and may include questions based on the prelab assignment for the current meeting, as well as any previous lab work during the semester.
  • The lab report for each meeting is due when you arrive at lab the next week. If the lab is not meeting the next week, it is due in your GTA’s mailbox at that same time.

The mailboxes are located on the second floor of Broun, in the main offices. The mailbox will have the GTA’s last name at the bottom, along with the names of two other graduate students. The final project report is discussed later in this document.

Pre-Lab Cover Sheet (Mandatory) download Attach this to each Pre-lab submission.

Lab Report Cover Sheet (Mandatory) download Attach this to each Lab Report submission.

Checklist (bring one to each lab meeting) download

Report template download

Lab report grading rubrics download

Your report should include an introduction, where you state what you are going to do in the lab and why. In the body of your report include all screenshots, calculations, and answers to questions in the writeup from the lab.

All figures and tables should be numbered with a descriptive caption. See any chapter of our lab manual for examples of numbering tables and figures and adding captions. Your conclusion should summarize the lab. State what you learned and include any problems you encountered.

You should turn in the following documents in order:

  1. Cover page
  2. Check off sheet
  3. Report