3. Parts List

3.1. Transistors

3.2. Diodes

3.3. CMOS

3.4. 7400 Series Logic

  • SN7400 Quad 2-input positive-NAND gates datasheet
  • SN7402 Quad 2-input Positive-NOR gates datasheet
  • SN7404 Hex inverters datasheet
  • SN7408 Quad 2-input Positive-AND gates datasheet
  • SN7410 Triple 3-input Positive-NAND gates datasheet
  • SN7420 Dual 4-input Positive-NAND gates datasheet
  • SN7425 Dual 4-input Positive-NOR gates datasheet
  • SN7427 Triple 3-input Positive-NOR gates datasheet
  • SN7430 8-input Positive-NAND gates datasheet
  • SN7432 Quad 2-input positive-OR gates datasheet
  • SN7440 Dual 4-input Positive-NAND buffers datasheet
  • SN7450 Dual 2-Wide 2-Input AND-OR-invert Gates (One Gate Expandable) datasheet
  • SN7473 Dual J-K Positive Pulse Triggered Flip-Flops with Clear datasheet
  • 74LS83A 4-Bit Binary Adder with Fast Carry datasheet
  • SN7486 Quad 2-input XOR gates datasheet
  • SN74LS112A Dual J-K Negative-Edge-Triggered Flip-Flops With Clear And Preset datasheet
  • SN74LS138 3-line to 8-line decoder / demultiplexer datasheet
  • SN74151A 8-Line To 1-Line Data Selector / Multiplexer datasheet
  • SN74154 4-Line To 16-Line Decoders/Demultiplexers datasheet
  • SN74157 Quad 2-line to 1-line data selectors / multiplexers datasheet
  • SN74164 Serial-in shift registers datasheet
  • SN74161A Synchronous 4-bit binary counters (Note the clock difference between SN74161A and SN74161 and take precaution) datasheet
  • SN74163 Synchronous 4-bit binary counters datasheet
  • SN74LS169B Synchronous 4-Bit Up/Down Binary Counters datasheet
  • SN74198 Bidirectional shift registers datasheet

3.5. Miscellaneous

  • 4558 op-amp datasheet
  • SFH4110 Infrared LED (IR LED), center wavelength 950nm. datasheet.
  • SDP8406-003 silicon phototransistor. datasheet
  • OPB804 slotted optical switch datasheet
  • 555 Timer datasheet
  • DM9368 7-Segment Decoder/Driver/Latch datasheet
  • 7-segment displays
  • 20MHz crystal oscillator
  • Photocell
  • Red LED
  • Green LED
  • Yellow LED
  • 5V DC fan
  • Speaker
  • Various resistors
  • Various capacitors