This program under the Auburn Department of Physics is lead by Dr. J-M Wersinger. The Auburn High Altitude Balloon Program is Part of AUSSP here students launch and track balloons that fly to the edge of space. (100,000 Ft!!!!) In the past Aerospace students have received elective credits for being a part of this program.


This particular space program has also put great efforts in outreach. The students of the program are putting immense effort into working with high school students.


The student space program allows students to work in a corporation-like environment while executing their own missions. Through AUSSP students are able to develop skills in engineering, science, math, teamwork and management. Look out NASA, Auburn’s space program is reaching new heights!


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(AU-AE Students Pictured: Ajay Madhav, Daniel Coltey and Steven Martinez)

Auburn High Altitude Balloon Team