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Brackin Scholarship

Brice BrackinThe most widely regarded materials engineering scholarship program is the Brice H. Brackin Materials Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship rewards the academic achievement of students entering the materials engineering curriculum at Auburn University.

Dr. Brice Brackin graduated from Auburn University in 1969 with a degree in materials engineering. He went on to study at the University of Alabama Medical School, graduating in 1973 before going to finish Orthopedic Surgery Residency at the University of Alabama Medical Center in 1977. Dr. Brackin worked as an orthopedic surgeon from 1997 to retirement in 2008 with practices in Birmingham and Alabaster, AL. In addition to his work as an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Brackin received his juris doctorate degree from the Birmingham School of Law in 1979 and became a member of the Alabama Bar Association in 1980.

Dr. Brackin was known for his charitable acts to those who knew him best. His contribution to the Auburn Materials Engineering Program has helped further the education of numerous materials students since the creation of his scholarship, with at least $1000 awarded to selected students every year. The Materials Engineering Program appreciates Dr. Brackin’s gift and strives to promote his legacy of generosity and hard work.

Visit AUSOM if you have interest in applying for the Brice H. Brackin Materials Endowed Scholarship for the upcoming year.