To get started using the Makerspace, each user must complete training for the specific area wishing to be used. The Makerspace is divided into different rooms (see image below). Users must complete the Basic Safety Training to gain access to the main Work Shop. Once the user has successfully passed that training, they can further their training by taking other trainings.

Click here to find out about all the different trainings we offer and the path to get to them.

Click here to see which machines are located in each room

All users will have the opportunity to purchase materials from the Maker Store. Users may also bring in their own materials but must receive prior approval to do so from the staff.

Every undergraduate user will receive $25 in Makerbucks each semester. Makerbucks can be used to purchase any of the materials in the Makerspace. Once your Makerbucks have been exhausted, users can request an increase, with a valid reason, or purchase materials on their own (after getting them approved by the staff).

Any College of Engineering student, faculty, or staff, can access our Makerspace Database to sign up for this training and much more! Click here to register.