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This graduate certificate prepares individuals who are seeking advanced knowledge in occupational safety and ergonomics fields. Students who complete the certificate will have a strong foundation in topics such as safety engineering, risk quantification, ergonomics, human factors engineering, and occupational biomechanics.

Occupational Safety & Ergonomics (Graduate Certificate)
Select 15 hours from the following:15
INSY 6010
Occupational Safety Engineering
INSY 7020
System Safety Engineering
INSY 7060
Fundamentals of Ergonomics
INSY 7070
Occupational Biomechanics
INSY 8060
Contemporary Ergonomics
INSY 7040
Cognitive Engineering and System Design
INSY 6050
Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Hazards
INSY 6080
Human Factors Engineering
PSYC 7760
Occupational Health Psychology
PSYC 7700
Foundations in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
INSY 7940
Industrial and Systems Engineering Problems
INSY 7970
Industrial and Systems Engineering Special Topics
INSY 8010
Advanced Safety Engineering
INSY 8020
Research Methods in Occupational Safety, Ergonomics, and Injury Prevention
Total Hours15