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ICPS6 Proceedings Paper Submission Instructions

Please submit your paper in MSWord format built using the template downloaded through the following link by emailing it to Detailed instructions are defined in the template.  This template and the instructions are intended only for the general, open distribution ICPS6 proceedings papers. However, the abstract page should also be submitted for limited distribution papers to be included in the proceedings as long as the abstract has been approved for open distribution.

ICPS6 paper template

Limited Distribution Paper Submission Instructions

Limited distribution papers will follow instructions associated with the Journal of DoD Research and  Engineering  (JDR&E). There will be a controlled, unclassified presentation track for U.S. researchers who would like to participate in ICPS6 but need to present in a restricted forum. The distribution for these sessions will be DISTRIBUTION D; however, distribution will include the one-time release at the 6th International Conference on Protective Structures to DHS, DoS, and their contractors. Additional U.S. government agencies will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Limited distribution sessions will be managed by the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center. Conference papers for the limited distribution sessions will be managed by DTIC and submitted to the Journal of DoD Research and Engineering (JDR&E). Select papers will be invited for publication in the Journal of DoD Research and Engineering (JDR&E). For consideration by JDR&E, at least one author must be a government civilian or military. For questions related to the limited distribution sessions  and JDR&E paper submission please contact with "Limited Distribution Sessions" in the subject.   Steps:

  1. Submit your public releasable abstract according to the first page of the “ICPS6 paper template and instructions” to by 1 March 2022. Do not send any restricted content to ICPS6.
  2. If interested in submitting a full paper for consideration to the JDR&E, send an email with "JDR&E" included in the subject, and we will promptly send detailed instructions.  Deadline for full JDR&E manuscripts is 1 May 2022.