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Auburn University Samuel Ginn College of Engineering

ICPS6 Conference

The 6th International Conference on Protective Structures
Focusing on basic and applied research for the protection of civil infrastructure

Auburn, AL

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College of Engineering / ICPS6 Conference

Dear Colleagues:
The plans for the May 2020 ICPS6 were intercepted by COVID-19, and the challenge continues. We are monitoring the situation and will update this webpage when the date has been decided. Thank-you for your patience and we hope to see you when ICPS6 convenes. . . . Jim Davidson.


Mission and Theme

The 6th International Conference on Protective Structures will be convened at Auburn University. This will be the first ICPS in this region of the world and represents a rare opportunity to interact and share with peers and researchers of other nations on this very important subject. The overall mission of ICPS is to promote protective structures research and facilitate interaction between researchers on an international scale.  It is one component of a three colleague-development and dissemination mechanism: (1) ICPS, (2) International Association of Protective Structures , and (3) International Journal of Protective Structures. The conference will focus on basic and applied research for the protection of civil infrastructure (buildings, bridges, pipelines, dams, etc.) against natural and man-made explosion, impact and other extreme loadings. The conference follows the 1st ICPS in Manchester England in 2010, and 2nd ICPS/ISIEMS in Potsdam Germany in 2013, 3rd ICPS in Newcastle Australia in 2015, 4th ICPS in Beijing China in 2016 and 5th ICPS in Poznan Poland in 2018. 


The conference welcomes presentations on a broad range of analytical and experimental research associated with protection of persons and assets against extreme loading such as explosions (deliberate and accidental), tsunamis, extreme wind, vehicle impact, etc.  Example topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

  • Response of structures and structural elements to explosion and impact loads
  • Blast and impact resistant design of structures
  • Techniques for mitigating blast load and penetration effects
  • Strengthening and retrofitting techniques
  • Projectile penetration and perforation mechanics
  • Collateral damage estimation
  • Numerical simulation and modelling
  • Probabilistic and uncertainty modelling
  • Experimental techniques
  • Material behavior at high strain rates
  • Vehicle impact with civil structures
  • Protection of industrial structures
  • Impact induced by tsunamis, extreme wind, and other natural disasters
  • Innovative materials for protection applications
  • Bridge and tunnel protection
  • Post-event evaluation and performance assessment
  • Structural collapse mitigation strategies
  • Safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness of structural design and strengthening
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