The Office of Engineering Career Development and Corporate Relations provides programs on a variety of career topics. Career programs are designed for groups of 5 – 100 and are presented or facilitated based on approaches most conducive to the topic and audience.

Career programs can be scheduled for classes, organizations, or events. Programs typically last between 20 minutes to 1 hour. Program request forms must be received at least two weeks prior to the proposed program date.

Topics include

  • Career Fair Prep | 50 minutes
    How do you prepare for a career fair? We’ll walk you through how to prepare before, during, and after including what to bring, what to wear, what to say, and how to follow-up!
  • How can the Engineering CDCR Support Me + Handshake 101 | 20 minutes
    What services and resources does the CDCR provide? How can they help me prepare for my future? What is Handshake and what do I get involved with that? This program highlights the CDCR services such as career coaching, virtual resources, and events that connect you with recruiters, alumni, and industry leaders. We'll also walk through Handshake, the University’s job search platform. It's the place to search and apply for jobs, internships, and co-ops, find career and recruitment events, and access exclusive resources.
  • Launch Your Engineering Internship Search | 50 minutes
    Internships. How do I get one? This workshop covers setting expectations for your search, materials needed, how to target your search, the role of networking, and tools / platforms to apply.
  • Interview Prep | 50 minutes
    Preparation is your greatest tool for a successful interview. We’ll review interview types, how to prepare for each experience, and what to consider before, during, and after the interview.
  • Introduction to Designing Your Engineering Career | 50 minutes
    By nature of becoming an engineer, you are also becoming a designer. Just like you can design a process, product, or process – you can design your career! This is an interactive session that draws upon your past experiences and inspirations to begin designing, prototyping, and building your way to your future engineering career.
  • Job Offer and Salary Negotiation | 50 minutes
    How do you evaluate your job offer(s) to make an informed decision? Is there room for salary negotiation? We’ll discuss the components of a job offer, the art of negotiation, and accepting or declining job offers.
  • Personal Branding + Professional Networking | 50 minutes
    What is personal branding and how do you do it? How do you build a network and why does it matter? We’ll review how to present yourself to others, how to build a network, and tools to facilitate your approach to branding and networking.
  • Professional Skills + Implicit Bias | 45 minutes
    What are the outcomes required of engineering students and which professional skills do employers most seek when hiring new graduates? How does bias fit into the necessary skills and impact an engineer's design and decision making?

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