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INTERNSHIPS are one-semester professional work experiences that offer meaningful, practical work related to your field of study or career interest.

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Have you secured an internship for a future semester?

  *A formal, approved offer letter is required to submit this reported internship work experience. 


Internships can take place during a fall or spring semester, but typically take place during the summer. You are eligible to intern as early as the summer after your freshman year, although some employers may prefer students who have completed more in-depth coursework.


  • Most Engineering internships are paid. The median reported internship salary is $23/hour based on the 2022-2023 academic year.
  • Internships are typically 10-12 weeks and can take place any semester.
  • Over 100 companies recruit intern students each Fall and Spring semester.
  • In recent years, starting salaries for Auburn Engineering students with co-op or internship experience were 8% higher than students with no professional experience.



  • One semester commitment.
  • Internships typically take place only during the summer semester or 10-12 weeks but can happen during fall and spring semesters as well.
  • Internships may be part-time or full-time.
  • Internships provide a broader overview of work life.
  • Internships allow students to spend time at different companies.
  • Students can intern as early as the summer after their freshman year
  • Students do not pay tuition during internships and are enrolled in a 0-credit hour course to maintain student status.
  • Three-semester commitment with the same company.
  • Co-op takes place year-round and students gain up to 1 year of experience and is a full-time work experience.
  • Co-op students have the opportunity to develop an in-depth skillset and manage their own projects during their work terms.
  • Companies give more responsibility to co-op students due to the longer period of time spent at the company.
  • Engineering students are ready to apply for co-op positions during their sophomore year.
  • Co-op students receive priority registration status and are able to register each semester during the early registration period for priority students.
  • Students do not pay tuition during co-op work semesters and are enrolled in a 0-credit hour course to maintain student status.
Already completed an internship?

Complete the Professional Experience Interest Form

You will have the option to indicate interest in four areas: co-op, internship, undergraduate research, and global experiences. A staff member from each area will reach out based on your selection(s). CDCR offers two Canvas courses to support your job search for co-op and internships called Co-op Ready and InternReady. 


Meet with an Engineering Career Coach

Need more individualized support? Whether you are just beginning to learn about internships and consider the possibility or you are well on your way to seeking and securing an internship, you can meet with an Engineering Career Coach for guidance in the process.


Where to Search

Target your internship search by identifying criteria for your search. Consider focusing on a particular industry, position type, and/or location. This will help you effectively market yourself to the specific employers you're interested in. Focus on no more than 10 - 15 organizations at one time.

Search Tools, Resources, and Events

Recruiting Timeline

Internship application deadlines vary, often depending on specific industry areas and organization types. It is best to identify potential organizations of interest early in the fall semester to determine where the deadline might fall and proceed accordingly.

This timeline outlines a typical on-campus recruiting schedule for each academic year.

Aug - Oct: Recruiting and INverviewing, Nov - Dec: Confirming decisions and making offfers, Jan - Feb: Recruiting, Mar - Apr: Confirming decisions and making offers, June: Start full-time or internship role, Typically Larger Companies Recruit in the fall while smaller companies recruit in the spring
Early September

Recruitment activity begins


Peak volume for on-campus recruiting events


High-volume on-campus recruiting activity continues


Reduced on-campus recruiting activity


No on-campus recruiting activities

January - February

High volume for on-campus recruiting events

March - April

On-campus recruiting continues, typically for "just-in-time" hiring

Once you secure an internship, you should complete the following steps:

1. Report your Internship! Complete the form below, which will include providing a copy of your job offer letter.

2. Enroll in the Engineering Internship Course, ENGR 3920 (UG) or 7920 (GR). Enroll for the semester in which you will be completing your internship - fall, spring, or summer. ENGR 3920 is a 0-credit hour, $0-fee course that documents your internship experience on your transcript. 

Course Registration Deadlines: 

  • Summer 2024 | May 17, 2024
  • Fall 2024 | August 23, 2024
  • Spring 2025 | January 17, 2025

Benefits of ENGR 3920 and 7920

  • Maintain enrollment as a student and connection with the University while at work
  • Allows you to request placing your scholarships on hold and dining plans can be removed while you are at work
  • Receive a certificate to commemorate your achievement
  • Receive structured feedback on job performance and guidance to convey performance strengths on your resume using the SkillSurvey Career Readiness competencies
  • Access to ENGR 3920 Canvas course providing resources for your internship experience

Topics Covered in ENGR 3920 and 7920

  • Job onboarding documents and materials
  • How to network, leverage your work experience, and make the most of your internship
  • Positive work habits
  • Resources for personal and career development
  • Strategies for the transition between work and school
  • How to respond to inappropriate interactions or experiences in a workplace setting

3. Celebrate at SignENG Day. Once you report your internship, we also hope you will celebrate with us at the upcoming SignENG Day event, which takes place during Engineering Spirit Week each semester. Make sure to see event details and register.

Steps to Obtain Work Authorization

  1. Conduct an internship search | Check out the resources above for How to Search. Stay in communication with your Engineering Career Coach, Academic Advisor, and International Student Advisor to help you prepare for and engage in the search.
  2. Obtain a written internship offer letter from a company or organization.
  3. Report your internship to the Engineering CDCR
  4. Obtain Curricular Practical Training (CPT) application form at the Office of International Students and Scholars Services.
    1. Obtain signature approval from your department
    2. Register for ENGR 3920 (undergraduate) or 7920 (graduate) Engineering Internship Course (0-credit) during the semester you will engage in the internship
    3. Complete and submit your CPT application
    4. Confirm CPT work authorization approval - reviewed by the Office of International Students and Scholars Services.

When should I accept the internship offer?

The Office of International Students and Scholars Services cannot process your CPT application until after your enrollment in ENGR 3920. If ever in doubt about the timing of your internship offer acceptance, meet with an Engineering Career Coach to strategize your plan. In all circumstances, make sure you do not complete any hire paperwork or company orientation until after your CPT application is processed and approved.

Do I need to be enrolled in classes during my internship?

Fall and Spring Semesters

  • Part-time internship | Enroll in ENGR 3920 or 7920 (0) and additional courses to remain a full-time student
  • Full-time internship | Enroll in ENGR 3920 or 7920 (0) + COOP 4910 (0) to remain enrolled as a full-time student

Summer Semester

  • Part-time and full-time internships | Enroll in ENGR 3920 or 7920 (0)
  • You are not required to enroll in additional coursework during the summer for internship reporting or work authorization purposes

Salary: Internship positions are paid positions.

Housing: Internship students are responsible for their own housing costs; however, some companies may offer housing stipends or provide housing for students.

Meal Plans: Students can request an exemption from meal plans for each work semester through AU Access. AU Access > My Campus > Away from Campus Dining Accommodation Request. 

For additional questions, contact Dining Services at or 334.844.8504.

Scholarship Eligibility: During a work term, scholarships are placed on hold. Please contact the University Scholarships Office to double-check eligibility requirements. For more information, please review these scholarship FAQs.

*If you currently receive Samuel Ginn College of Engineering scholarships, please contact Jessica Taylor, Director of Engineering Recruiting and Scholarships, at

Football Tickets: All students are still eligible to purchase football tickets during a work semester. 

Co-op + Internship Events