Did you write down the name of the employer you met with at a recent career event but forget to ask for their contact information? It is time to use your research skills. Here are 3 ways to locate a company contact:

  • Handshake I Search the company's name in the Handshake search bar and navigate to the company's Handshake page. Search the page for the Contact List. Some companies list a general contact email and phone number, while others include a specific recruiter's name and contact information. See if there is a contact listed who matches the person you met with.
  • CareerShift  I A subscription-based database you have exclusive access to through Auburn University. You can search companies and view contacts within a company to access the company's employees and locate their e-mail and phone number. Review the CareerShift tutorial here.
  • LinkedIn I  Develop a LinkedIn profile, search for your contact, and send a customized connection message. Don't have a LinkedIn account yet?
    Resources for getting started on LinkedIn

    Recommend ways to search for your contact on LinkedIn:
  • Search the employer's name in the site search bar
  • Search the company name, navigate to the company's LinkedIn page, select "people" on the left menu, search the employer name