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Looking to become a Waste Champion?

Are you interested in rearing insects??Are you interested in learning the process of treating organic wastes and converting them into value-added products?? Are you interested to know how food waste generated in our campus could be converted to fish and animal feed?

In Higgins lab, we have a dedicated team to dig, think and understand how one fly in particular could solve many of the World’s Organic Waste Problem.

We are looking for brains and muscles to join our team working on “Black Soldier Fly (BSF)” organic waste treatment system, from building to operating, data acquisition, doing lab work, and analyzing the data. The ideal candidate will be dedicated, hardworking and interested in working on BSF larvae based treatment process. We will have a Black Soldier Fly rearing facility set-up in CASIC building located in Devall Drive. You will learn how to build a BSF cage and how to rear these flies for waste treatment. Also, you will learn the bioconversion potential of BSF larvae in treating a variety of organic waste streams.

  • This position is opened for undergraduate research assistants
  • Approximately 10 hours/week 
  • $10/hour
  • Interested students are encouraged to email a brief letter of interest, resume, an official copy of transcripts to Dr. Brendan Higgins ( and Dr. Saravanan Ramiah Shanmugam (
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