Tribology and Lubrication Science Minor


In the mechanical world, surfaces are always in contact with each other. Friction and wear are results of these constant interactions. The field of tribology is the multidisciplinary study of contact, friction, wear and lubrication of surfaces, and its applications range widely — they include bearings, tires and engines in automobiles; human joint replacement; manufacturing; nanotechnology; oil product chemistry; power generation; hard-drive technology and electrical contacts.


Industry demand is high for graduates who have a background in tribology. A great deal of money is spent annually on issues related to friction, wear and lubrication.  Students who participate in this minor will gain a multidisciplinary appreciation and broad understanding of the field of tribology — especially in the subjects of engineering, chemistry and business — and will provide a pipeline for well-prepared engineers to meet the industry’s need. 

For more information, view the news release or learn more about tribology equipment at Auburn

Last Updated: Apr 30, 2015