Agent-Directed Simulation

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Welcome to Agent-Directed Simulation (ADS) Site

Agent-directed Simulation consists of three distinct, yet related areas which can be grouped under two categories as follows:

Use of Simulation for Agents

Use of Agents for Simulation

Agent Simulation: simulation of agent systems.

Agent simulation is already used in several categories of application areas such as:

-         Engineering applications: electrical engineering, irrigation systems, manufacturing systems, mechatronics, networks, robotics, software, as well as transportation/logistics;

-         Management/economy applications: economy, e-commerce, and management;

-         Social systems and human behaviour applications: social systems, psychology/human behaviour, physiology, negotiation, and organization theory;

-         Environment  applications: ecosystems, land use;

-         Military applications.

Agent-supported Simulation use of agents in a simulation study for at least one of the following purposes: (in a computer-aided simulation environment –including simulation-based problem solving environments):

to provide computer assistance for front-end and/or back-end interface functions;

- to process elements of a simulation study symbolically (for example, for consistency checks and built-in reliability); and

- to provide cognitive abilities to the elements of a simulation study, such as learning or understanding abilities.

Agent-based Simulation: use of agents for the generation of model behavior in a simulation study.

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