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Peace and Conflict Studies:

  • Conflict and peace studies  (maintained by Dr. Tuncer ÷ren)
  • Country Team Advisor. "This is an application of artificial intelligence to the domain of international relations. Our goal is to construct a probabilistic reasoning model based on Bayes net decision modeling, which will help predict or assess country actions and opinions in the context of emerging strategic crises." Knowledge Engineering Group. Center for Strategic Leadership, United States Army War College.
  • Terror Games - "Can computer games be devised to model the thinking and predict the actions of allies, enemies and even terrorists? " By Jeffrey Rothfeder. Popular Science (March 2004).
  • Game plays politics with your PC. By Alfred Hermida. BBC (September 3, 2003). "Republic is a strategy simulation game that puts you in the role of a budding revolutionary, out to overthrow a despotic and corrupt regime"
  • Can Computers Decide? By Roger C. Schank. iMP/Information Impacts Magazine. (March 2001)
  • Investigation of the Potential Contribution of AI-Methods to the Avoidance of Crises and Wars. Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence.
  • Seeing Around Corners. By Jonathan Rauch. The Atlantic (April 2002). "The new science of artificial societies suggests that real ones are both more predictable and more surprising than we thought. Growing long-vanished civilizations and modern-day genocides on computers will probably never enable us to foresee the future in detailóbut we might learn to anticipate the kinds of events that lie ahead, and where to look for interventions that might work".
  • Thinking About Foreign Policy: Finding an Appropriate Role for Artificially Intelligent Computer.  Also from John Mallery: Crisis Early Warning and International Conflict Management. "This Web page seeks to centralize pointers concerning the application of computational methods to understanding international relations. Computational methods are understood as artificial intelligence techniques, including machine learning and computational linguistics. In the broad field of international relations, we emphasize here international (and subnational) conflict processes as well as efforts to mediate or manage conflict." 
  • Political Science: Artificial Intelligence Applications. By Gavan Duffy and Seth A. Tucker. Social Science Computing Review Spring, 1995.