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Thaddeus A. Roppel, Associate Professor

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200 Broun Hall
Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.
Auburn University, AL 36849-5201 

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  • Phone: (334) 844-1814 
  • Fax: (334) 844-1809
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Research Interests: Cooperative robotics, sensor fusion, and MEMs sensors.

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Teaching Links

Research Links

General Interest Links

Outreach/Service Links

COURSES - Electronics, Labs, IC Fabrication, Sensors (incl. student presentations and reports), Senior Design (CARS)  

How to succeed in Graduate School: A Guide for Students and Advisors, by Marie desJardins in Crossroads, Oct. 1994 (PDF)

PSPICE Links - Where to get PSPICE, where to access it, how to use it. 

LogicWorks digital logic layout and simulation software - where to get it and learn about it.

Java-based demos- RLC circuits, CMOS logic, IC fabrication.

Java-based plotter - very useful!

Online Temperature Sensor Calibration tables - for RTD's and Thermocouples

Electronics at Auburn - an overview of some student projects

Software Guides for MATLAB, SIMULINK, PSPICE, VHDL, etc.

Where to get drawing templates (useful for producing neat drawings on homework and projects)

Introduction to MEMS Design – UC Berkely Lecture Series

Wireless Curriculum Development (.ppt 335 KB)

Cooperative Robotics Research

Learn about the Sensor Fusion Laboratory: Goals, People, Research (ppt)

Visit the Sensor Fusion Laboratory -including publications and presentations.

Odor analysis research using neural networks

LIMES: Language for Intelligent Machines Workshop, West Point, Summer 2006. Sci Fi short story.

Biorobotic Vision Laboratory at the Australian National University

Technology Readiness Assessment

Apple's design process
Business Week: March 8, 2008

Jeff Hawkins - "On Intelligence"  (NPR radio interview)  - posted 7/23.07  website  mp3

Joe Albree Seminar Feb. 2006 "The Professionalization of Engineering in America" Flyer

Ten Commandments of Electrical Safety

The REAL Ten Commandments

Richard Feynman, the great physicist, gave this talk in 1959. The subject is miniaturization of machines. It is amazing how well he understood what was to come with regard to computers and nanotechnology.

Secrets of Success 

Captain Mike at Sea, Summer 2001
San Diego -> Hawaii -> Alaska
Ship's Log, Map, Photo Album

Auburn Technology Museum. Proposed virtual museum including oral histories.

 Food Safety Chart showing safe tempeatures for cooking, canning, and storing foods.

Acupuncture Seminar presented by Dr. Leigh Scott, Spring 2001.

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