The Makerspace Assistants (The MAs)

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The purpose of The MAs shall be to help provide the members with opportunities to help further the Makerspace by increasing the number of VMAs* and MAs** involved. Our mission is to provide a place where members can gain hands-on machine experience and leadership within the Makerspace to help further their knowledge of engineering outside the classroom. They will have the opportunity to get involved with the areas of the Makerspace that interest them: prototyping, woodworking, metalworking, machining, electronics, chemistry, programming, and basic tooling. With this opportunity they will learn how to operate safely as an engineer in a lab setting and help keep each other accountable. *VMAs: Volunteer Makerspace Assistant **MAs: Makerspace Assistant

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Wednesday, PM bi-weekly

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Brown-Kopel Makerspace

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Joy Simmons

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Nick Browning

Bob Ashurst

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