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War Eagle Motorsports is Auburn’s organization for international Formula SAE and Formula Student competitions.  These competitions involve the high-level engineering design, from-scratch fabrication, and on-track racing of a new light, single-seat, autocross-style racecar every year.  

Formula SAE is a collegiate design series sanctioned by SAE International, and consists of events held both in the U.S. and worldwide. Formula SAE is the largest racing series in the world with around 500 teams competing each year, all building their own vehicles from scratch. This series is internationally recognized as the most-involved and extensive engineering program available to students. Competition breeds performance, and the engineers and business people involved in Formula SAE are simply the best in the world. With valuable real world experience and hands-on skills gained from this series, Formula SAE graduates are hard to beat in the work-place.

Formula SAE competitions consist of both Static (Business Presentation, Cost, Design, Tech Inspection) and Dynamic (Acceleration, Skidpad, Autocross, Endurance, Fuel Economy) Events. a competitive Formula SAE team must excel in all areas for an overall win. The nature of this series produces well-rounded and intelligent individuals that are well prepared to enter the workplace. 

Our marketing and business group is also made up of students from various academic disciplines and levels to study working together to secure the best partnership and business opportunities possible to realize the team's goals. We don't want to just be the fastest car on the track; we want to be the most diverse, well-rounded formula SAE team in the world.

Formula SAE competes on a yearly schedule, starting with a "blank sheet" approach to design an Open-Wheel, autocross-focused vehicle every year. Auburn University has a 18-year history of developing successful vehicles, and in recent years has seen a number of top finishes in worldwide competitions. 

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General Team Meetings: Mondays at 7PM in Wiggins 1409 Design Meetings: Thursdays at 5pm in BK 2133

Office Location:
Team Office, Basement Conference Room: Wiggins 0402 Shop: Garages Behind Wiggins Hall

Shop Location:
Wiggins Hall Garage

Projects, outreach, competitions, conferences, etc.:

SAE Learn Twice (project-building outreach to K-12 students) - Auburn Junior High School - WF, 3-4pm, late January through mid March

Formula SAE Michigan, Early May, Brooklyn Michigan

Formula SAE North, Late May, Hagersville, Ontario

Formula SAE California, Mid June, Fontana, California

Isaac Evans
(713) 870-8651

E-Council Rep:
Isaac Evans

Dr. Mark Hoffman
(334) 844-3368

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