The Auburn University Office of Technology Transfer coordinates the patenting, licensing and commercialization of all AUDFS-developed technologies. OTT maintains specific information on AUDFS featured technologies available for licensing on its website.

Disclosed and/or Patented Technologies

In 2010, AUDFS held 133 disclosures, 20 patents and 6 commercialized technologies. This number continues to rise as AUDFS researchers invent efficient technology for pathogen detection and food safety. Past technologies for industrial commercialization have included these:

  • Raytheon RFID Bulk STag for Patriot Missile Health Monitoring Mil Spec Qualified
  • Meat species identification technology licensed to ELISA Technologies
  • RMBM in livestock feed identification technology licensed to Neogen Corp.
  • Optical microscope technology licensed to Aetos Technologies, Inc.
  • Canine Olfactory Measurement Methodlicensed to RedXDefense, Inc. 
  • Dark Field Microscope of High Resolution
  • Detection of Foodborne Salmonella Contamination by Monoclonal Antibody Assays
  • Detection of Foodborne Salmonella Contamination by Polyclonal Antibody Assays
  • Detection of the Foodborne Bacterial Pathogen E. coli by DNA Amplification Assays
  • Handheld Bacterial Sensor for Salmonella Detection
  • Method for Protection of Biological Material
  • Methods for Forming Monolayers and Uses Thereof
  • Phage as Bioselective Elements
  • Monoclonal Antibodies Specific to Cooked Meats

The Office of Technology Transfer provides agreements to cover confidentiality, nondisclosure and secrecy needs of participating industry.

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