Biomolecular Recognition & Detection Devices

Currently, our efforts to increase food safety and detection are focused primarily on biomolecular recognition and detection devices. Some of the technologies we are researching and perfecting are as follows:

  • RNA-based biosensors for pathogen detection
  • New biodetection method using amplified photo electrochemical signaling
  • Air sampling for E. coli detection on spinach leaves 
  • Chemical sensing strategies based on molecularly imprinted polymers
  • Wireless amperometric sensors for pathogen detection
  • FET DNA biosensors for pathogen detection
  • Improvement of phage probes using genetic engineering
  • Phage for MRSA detection
  • Immobilizing phage using Langmuir-Blodgett Films
  • Surface modification of ME materials to allow direct immobilization of phage
  • Liquid phage solutions for cleaning of food preparation surfaces
  • Vortex Centrifuges for detection of contamination in large volumes of food
  • Invasive insect species detection using Smart  automated traps
  • Magnetoelastic sensors for pathogen detection on fresh fruits/vegetables
  • Magnetoelastic sensors for in-situ monitoring of plant physiology
  • Magnetoelastic sensor data acquisition

Last Updated: 4/7/20 3:05 PM