Past Members

Many of Auburn University's faculty have contributed to the research and success of AUDFS. Below are a few of our investigators from the past. 

  • James Barbaree, Associate Center Director Professor, Department of Biological Sciences 
  • Omar Oyarzabal, Associate Professor, Food Sample Preparation, Food Microbiology
  • Manpreet Singh, Assistant Professor Food Science, Microbiology
  • Jean Weese, Assoc. Professor/Ext. Food Specialist Industrial Practices, Needs
  • Jin Wang, Assistant Professor Statistical Probability
  • William F. Gale, Professor Education, Metal Surfaces/Bacteria Interaction
  • Jeff Smith, Professor Food/Plant Security
  • Yonhua Tzeng, Professor Microelectronics, Thin films
  • Mark Byrne, Associate Professor Kinetics, Polymer Membranes, Drug Delivery
  • Hae-jung An, Assistant Professor Food Science, Sampling
  • Peggy Hsieh, Professor Test Kits, Food Species Determination
  • Cheng-I Wei, Professor Food Science, Food Microbiology
  • Laura Suh, Assistant Professor Spores, Food Safety
  • An-Ban Chen, Professor Modeling
  • Arnold Vainrub, Associate Professor Bio-molecular Recognition, DNA

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