Our Team

AUDFS is a multi-disciplinary, multi-college, initiative with Peaks of Excellence Status.

ReseachersThe vision and goals of AUDFS align with Auburn University's strengths. As a land-grant institution, the university has a special mission to improve the lives of residents of our state and country, and because of this, food safety is of paramount interest to our mission. Auburn University's traditional strengths lie in agriculture and engineering, and it has long-standing, close contacts with the food industry and its suppliers. The expertise among the Auburn University research family, coupled with strategic research partnerships with universities throughout the U.S., gives AUDFS the ability to affect food safety on a national, not to mention, global, level.

The core research team guides both the research and operational direction of our center. This team operates under the leadership of Dr. Bryan A. Chin, center director, and Dr. Zhongyang Cheng, associate center director. The center director reports to the dean of the College of Engineering, who chairs a University Coordinating Committee composed of the deans of the five Auburn University colleges that constitute AUDFS' core. Each of these colleges has a representative that serves on the center's steering committee.

A profile of each research team member's education, professional history and other relevant experience are provided.

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