Graduate Engineering Research Showcase 2017




1 - Thomas Teasley, Aerospace Engineering, “Nonlinear Acoustic Response of Area-Contractions as Applied to the Detection of Combustion Instabilities”

2 - Elise Hall, Aerospace Engineering, “3D Particle Tracking from Refocused and Perspective Shifted Plenoptic Images”

3 - Michael Bolt, Electrical Engineering,  “Design and Testing of Novel Airborne Atmospheric Sensor Nodes”



Orie Cecil, Aerospace Engineering, “The Taylor-Culick Profile for Spinning Rocket Motors”

Will Hand, Chemical Engineering, “Soy Protein Substitution in Phenol Formaldehyde Adhesive used in Oriented Strand Board”

Alexander Kelly, Chemical Engineering, “Nanoparticle Supported Lipid Bilayers for Drug Delivery”

Jafar Orangi, Materials Engineering, “Development and Optimization of Capacitive Deionization for Treatment of High-Strength Agricultural Waters”

Partha Saha, Chemical Engineering, “Diagnostic Cantilever Arrays for Cancer Detection using Cellulose Nanocrystal Films”



Aerospace Engineering - Paul Kovacic, “Vorticoacoustic Stability Analysis of the Bidirectional Vortex Engine”

Biosystems Engineering - Khalida Harun, “A Comparative Study of Ru-doped ZSM-5, Ru-doped Activated Carbon, and Biochar Catalysts for Hydrogen Production by Thermocatalytic Decomposition of Methane”

Chemical Engineering - Morgan Ellis, “Direct encapsulation of patient-derived stem cells to study mechanisms of genetic congenital heart disease”

Civil Engineering - Dan Jackson, “Instrumentation and Monitoring of Distress Remediation Strategies for Expansive Clay Subgrades at Alabama Highway 5”

Computer Science and Software Engineering - Michael Hollingsworth, “Using a Web-based tool to rapidly generate health outcome data to train artificial intelligence”

Electrical and Computer Engineering - Craig Prather, “Biomemetic Antenna Design”

Industrial and Systems Engineering - Zahra Sedighi, “Comparing Machine Learning Models on Data from Wearable Sensors to Model Physical Fatigue Occurrence”

Materials Engineering - Armin Vahid Mohammadi, “Two-Dimensional (2D) Vanadium Carbide (MXene) as A High Capacity Cathode Material for Rechargeable Aluminum Batteries”

Mechanical Engineering - Kayla Reid, “Staggered and In-line submerged liquid jet arrays for power electronics using variable area discharge manifolds:  Part II-Numerical”

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2018