Graduate Engineering Research Showcase 2012


Do you have some exciting new research you'd like to share? Would you like to practice and polish your "elevator speech" with faculty and fellow graduate students? Are you thinking about presenting a poster at Auburn's Graduate Forum and Research Week in the spring? If so, the Graduate Engineering Research Showcase is for you!

The purpose of the event was to highlight and reward the outstanding work of our graduate students, to promote engineering scholarship, professionalism and interdisciplinary research, and to introduce new graduate students into the culture of our graduate programs. The event will include a welcome speech by the Dean, a graduate student poster competition, a meet & greet with new graduate students, refreshments at the event, and an awards dinner that evening. We'll even have t-shirts for all the participants!

Click here for a full list of the presenters, including their research topics and abstracts.

Winners of the 2012 Research Showcase

1st Place – Courtney Ober, Chemical Engineering, Design and Development of an Itraconazole Cocrystal with Enhanced Dissolution 

2nd Place – Hamed Ghaednia, Mechanical Engineering, Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Nanoparticle Lubricants 

3rd Place – Robert H. Herring III, Chemical Engineering, Computer-Aided Molecular Design with Topological and Topographical Descriptors 

Honorable Mention – Rachel Ottaway, Aerospace Engineering, Modeling Vortex Interaction with the Discontinuous Galerkin Method 

Honorable Mention – Shyamsundar Ayalur, Biosystems Engineering, Conversion of CO2 in Biomass Synthesis Gas for H2 and CO using CH4 

Honorable Mention – Petra Kerscher, Chemical Engineering, Engineering a 3D Model of the Developing Heart for In Vitro Drug Testing 

Honorable Mention – Shantanu Pradhan, Chemical Engineering, Recreating Breast Cancer Tissue on a Lab Bench Scale for Drug-testing Applications 

Honorable Mention – David Roe, Chemical Engineering, Production of Middle Distillate Fuels via Supercritical-Phase Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis with Associated Upgrading Reactions 

Honorable Mention – Pranav S. Vengsarkar, Chemical Engineering, Influence of Solvent/Ligand Steric Effects on CO2 Induced Nanoparticle Precipitation and Size-Selective Fractionation 

Honorable Mention – Fang Yin, Civil Engineering, Fate of Deep Water Horizon Submerged Oil and Related Fingerprint Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons by Triple Quadrupole Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) Technology 

Honorable Mention – Mobbassar Hassan Sk, Materials Engineering, Effects of Prior Austenitic Grain Size and Martensitic Hardness on Hydrogen Embrittlement of 4340 steel 

Honorable Mention – Kailash C. Jajam, Mechanical Engineering, Is Nano Always Better? Static vs. Dynamic Fracture Behavior of Nanocomposites 

Honorable Mention – Kewai Patel, Mechanical Engineering, Modeling and Reliability Characterization of Area-Array Electronics Subjected to High-G Mechanical Shock Up to 50,000G 

Aerospace Engineering Departmental Award – Brian Davis, Design and Construction of a Supersonic Wind Tunnel Facility for Cavity Flow Acoustics 

Biosystems Engineering Departmental Award – Vaishnavi Srinivasan, Catalytic Pyrolosis of Torrefied Biomass for Hydrocarbons Production 

Chemical Engineering Departmental Award – Rui Xu, Investigation of Supercritical Fluids as Reaction Media for Higher Alcohol Synthesis over a Cu-Co-Zn Catalyst 

Civil Engineering Departmental Award – Yanyan Gong, Unusual Effects of Oil Dispersants on Sediment Retention and Environmental Fate of Toxic Oil Components in the Alabama Gulf Coast Ecosystems 

Computer Science and Software Engineering Departmental Award – Candice Harris Adams, User Research of an Educational Web-Based Learning Environment: Preliminary Findings and Experiences 

Electrical and Computer Engineering Departmental Award – Gopalakrishnan Iyer, Wireless Mesh Routing in Smart Utility Networks 

Industrial and Systems Engineering Departmental Award – Michael Porter, Quantifying the Benefits of an Ergonomic Influence on Hand-Tool Design 

Materials Engineering Departmental Award – MariAnne Sullivan, Toughening Mechanisms of Nacre in Abalone Shells 

Mechanical Engineering Departmental Award – Jing Zou, Influence of Grain Orientation on the Mechanical Response of Lead-Free Solder Joints 

Polymer and Fiber Engineering Departmental Award – David Branscomb, Engineering Design and Rapid Development of Lightweight Fibrous Structures

Last Updated: Dec 05, 2017