Graduate Engineering Research Showcase 2014

Do you have some exciting new research you'd like to share? Would you like to practice and polish your "elevator speech" with faculty and fellow graduate students? Are you thinking about presenting a poster at Auburn's Graduate Forum and Research Week in the spring?

If so, the Graduate Engineering Research Showcase (GERS) is for you!


At last year's Research Showcase, the efforts of the Council of Engineering Graduate Students, with assistance from the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, led to a successful Showcase where nearly 120 students presented their research leading to more than 20 cash awards.  The purpose of the GERS event is to highlight and reward the outstanding work of our graduate students, to promote engineering scholarship, professionalism and interdisciplinary research, and to introduce new graduate students into the culture of our graduate programs. For those in attendance, the event was a great experience. 

This year, we are looking to expand by inviting representatives from industry to attend and judge the posters presented. This will provide greater exposure of our students and their work to industry. We are also awarding more than $7500 in cash prizes, including 10 department awards for best poster. So, if you are interested please register using any of the links below and feel free to extend this invitation to your friends and colleagues.

Click here to download the complete list of presenters and their abstracts

List of winners of the Fall 2014 Graduate Engineering Research Showcase

1st Place:  John Maddox, Mechanical Engineering, “Liquid Jet Impingement Cooling for Power Converters in Hybrid Electric Vehicles”
2nd Place: Richard Cullum, Chemical Engineering, “A High-Throughput Screening Process for the Discovery of Melanoma Chemotherapeutics Targeted at the ErbB4 Receptor Tyrosine Kinase”
3rd Place: Yuanyuan Zhang, Materials Engineering, “A Novel Layer-by-Layer Assembled Multi-Enzyme/CNT Biosensor for Discriminative Detection between Organophosphorus and Non-Organophosphrus Pesticides”

Honorable Mentions:

  • Caitlin Thorn, Aerospace Engineering, “Optimization of a Turboramjet Hot Section with an Interstage Turbine Burner”
  • Petra Kerscher, Chemical Engineering, “Production of 3D engineered cardiac tissues using a one-step encapsulation procedure of human pluripotent stem cells”
  • Joseph Ekong, Industrial and Systems Engineering, “A Simultaneous Approach for Solving a Combined U-shaped Assembly Line Balancing and Worker Allocation Problem”
  • MariAnne Sullivan, Materials Engineering, “Improving Nanoindentation Techniques With Pile-Up and Sink-In Considerations”
  • Peter Sakalaukus, Mechanical Engineering, “Reliability of Solid-State Lighting Electrical Drivers Subjected to Accelerated Aging”

Departmental Awards:

  • Aerospace Engineering: Timothy Fahringer, “Single Camera Plenoptic Particle Image Velocimetry”
  • Biosystems Engineering: Ravishankar Mahadevan, “In-Situ Catalytic Upgrading of Pyrolysis Vapors in a Bench-Scale Fluidized Bed Reactor for Producing Upgraded Bio-oil”
  • Chemical Engineering: Alexander Haywood, “Shear Alignment and Optical Properties of Cellulose Nanocrystal Dispersions and Films”
  • Civil Engineering: Jeremy Herman, “Evaluation of Subgrade Shrink-Swell Mechanisms along Alabama Highway 5”
  • Computer Science and Software Engineering: Eric Shaw, “Mining Android Apps to Determine Best Coding Practices”
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering: Frank Werner, “A Reliable Manual Assembly Method for Flip Chip Semiconductors Applied to 400µm Pitch GaN FETs”
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering: Shahab Derhami, “Optimizing Space Utilization in Block Stacking Warehouses”
  • Materials Engineering: Zhizhi Sheng, “Control of the microstructure and the mechanical and magnetostrictive properties of electrodeposited Fe-Co-B thin films for different applications”
  • Mechanical Engineering: Nathanial Carson, “Sensitivity Enhancement of a GPS Receiver for Weak Signal Acquisition”
  • Polymer and Fiber Engineering: Bernal Sibaja, “Triglycerides and phenolic compounds as precursors of bio-based thermosetting epoxy resins”



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