Application fee

$60 Domestic

$70 International

Graduation fee
(billed to student during graduation semester)


Engineering tuition per semester credit hour
(Average required credit: 30-35)


*Tuition is the same for residents or non-residents of Alabama.

Estimated Cost of Attendance



All bills are electronic. E-bills are received through the student's email account. Late payment may result in the termination of class schedules by the first class day of the next semester.


Full refunds are allowed only when a student withdraws BEFORE THE FIRST CLASS DAY. A class day is defined as the day class is held on campus. Exceptions may be approved by the Dean of the Graduate School for military or critical medical reasons. For additional dates concerning refunds and withdrawals visit or consult the Auburn University Bulletin found here:

Financial Aid

All financial aid must be obtained from the Department of Financial Aid at 334 844 4367 or

Company payments

Companies that prefer direct billing for employee tuition must submit a letter of agreement to the Bursar's office. This letter should clarify the charges covered and must be received prior to the first day of each semester. Please send all correspondence through the Graduate Outreach office to ensure a copy is retained in the student's file. The original will be forwarded to the Bursar's office. Companies are billed only once per semester, and payment should be submitted upon receipt of this billing.

Military tuition assistance

Military personnel who have been accepted to Auburn's graduate school may take courses and apply for tuition aid. The Graduate Outreach Program has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for educational services. Tuition assistance is available to service members who successfully complete the course work. Check with your local educational center for reimbursement amounts and procedures/forms for tuition assistance are located at


Students must be registered at Auburn during the semester they graduate. When students are graduating and all classwork is completed, they may register for GRAD 7000 to change incomplete grades or to complete oral exams. Students must submit a graduation check form the semester before graduating.

DANTES benefits

Students are reimbursed after the semester is over and a grade is posted. Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) recipients will be held responsible for their balance and due dates. Late fees and/or blocked registration may occur if students are not current with their payments.

Check the Auburn University Bursar's Office to find out the billing cycle. Students who have an unpaid balance for the current semester will have their registration blocked for the subsequent semester(s) until the outstanding balance is paid.

Transfer of credit

Graduate credit taken in residence, within the last five years at another approved graduate school may be transferred and accepted by the Graduate School at Auburn University. No prior commitment is made concerning whether transfer credit will be accepted. A student must earn at least 24 semester hours required for a master degree at Auburn University. The credit must be acceptable to the student's advisory committee and be pertinent to the student's plan of study. To be transferred, the grade reported must be a "B" or higher, and the student's overall GPA must be a minimum of 3.0. Two official transcripts are required for transfer credit to be approved. For additional information contact the Graduate Admissions Office.

Enrollment dates, curriculum and other information





GPA Calculation

Auburn University uses a 4.0 grade scale. The following grades and the quality hours associated with them are used for determining the grade point average.
A ( superior) equals 4.0
B (good) equals 3.0
C (acceptable) equals 2.0
D (passing) equals 1.0 (D is failing for graduate students)
F (failure) equals 0.0
IN (incomplete) equals 0.0 until cleared (IN grades do not enter into grade point average computations for graduate students)
NR (no grade report) equals 0.0 until cleared (NR grades do not enter into grade point average computations for graduate students)
FA (failure/absences) equals 0.0
WF (withdrawn failing) equals 0.0
IF (incomplete failure) equals 0.0
IP (in progress) equals 0.0

The following Auburn grades do not enter into grade point average computations.
AU (audit)
W (withdrawn passing)
WD (withdrawn after 15th class day but before midterm)