2007 National Readjustment of the North American Datum 1983

Construction Surveying with Robotics', GPS & Machine Controls

Effective Problem Solving MethodsNew Course

Engineering Math

Geodesy for Engineers and Surveyors

Great Surveyors and Their Surveys: Understanding the Men, Equipment and Accuracy of Their Surveys Will Make You a Better Surveyor

History of Surveying Instruments: Impact and Accuracy

History of the Government Land Office

Improving Surveying Field Procedures using the Total Station

Pincushion Effect

Professional Ethics for Land Surveyors

Retracing and Proofing Original GLO Section Corners

Standards of Practice for Surveying in Alabama

State Plane Coordinates

Surveying with GPS

Ten Essentials: Common Sense Principles for Business

The Art of Land Surveying

The Colonial Land System and the Building of America

The Rectangular Land System: Subdivision of Public Lands

The Role of Engineers and Surveyors in Geographic Information Systems

The Use of Magnetic Instruments

Understanding Boundary Law - Case Law and Principles of Surveying Law

Vertical Datums and Leveling

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