COURSES TAUGHT

Required Courses:

  • MECH 2140 KINEMATICS AND DYNAMICS (3) LEC. 3. Pr., MATH 2630 and C or better in MECH 2130. Kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies with an emphasis on mechanical engineering applications such as machines, mechanisms, cams, gears, and vibrations. 
  • MECH 2120 KINEMATICS AND DYNAMICS OF MACHINES (4) LEC. 3. LAB. 3. Pr. (MATH 2630 or MATH 2637) and MECH 2110. Kinematics and kinetics of rigid bodies. Kinematics and dynamics of mechanisms, cams and gears.
  • ENGR 1110 INTRODUCTION TO ENGINEERING (2). LEC. 1, LAB. 3. Introduction to engineering design, engineering teams, graphical presentation, technical writing, oral presentation.
  • PFEN 2270 INTRODUCTION TO ENGINEERED FIBROUS MATERIALS (4). LEC. 4. Pr., ENGR 1110 The fundamentals of chemistry and engineering applied to fibrous assemblies illustrated using the properties required by end-use. Topics will include biomedical materials, architectural applications cables, ropes, and tethers, composite materials, filtration fabrics, ballistic protection, and health-care products.
  • PFEN 4300 ENGINEERED FIBROUS STRUCTURES (4). LEC. 3, LAB. 3. Pr., PFEN 2270 Design and applications of high performance industrial fibrous structures for civil engineering, architecture and construction, filtration, medical, military and defense, pulp and paper industry, safety and protection, sports and recreation, transportation, agriculture and other industries.
  • PFEN 4820 POLYMER AND FIBER ENGINEERING DESIGN II (3). Undergraduate senior design project, second semester.
  • PFEN 5200/6200 POLYMER PROCESSING (4). LEC. 3, LAB. 3. Pr., PFEN 2100 Characteristics and flow properties of polymers; film and fiber extrusion, molding technology, polymer material selection and processing. Credit will not be given for both PFEN 5200 and FPFEN 6200.

Elective Courses:

  • MECH 5520/6520-001 MANUFACTURING OF POLYMERIC STRUCTURES (3). Lec. 3. Characteristics and flow properties of polymers; film and fiber extrusion, molding technology, polymer material selection and processing. Departmental approval.
  • MECH 5320/6320/6320-D01 ENGINEERED FLEXIBLE STRUCTURES (3). Fiber to fabric design, engineering, manufacturing, testing and applications. Principles of modern machinery and techniques for flexible material manufacturing. Departmental approval.
  • PFEN 5100/6100 FABRICS FOR PAPER MAKING (3). LEC. 3. Design, analysis and applications of forming fabrics, press felts and dryer fabrics. Departmental approval.
  • PFEN 6250 ADVANCED ENGINEERING FIBROUS STRUCTURES (3). LEC. 3. Pr., PFEN 4300 Application of advanced technology to the design, development and analysis of high performance industrial textiles. Departmental approval.
  • PFEN 7210 FABRIC FORMATION AND PROPERTIES (4). LEC. 3, LAB. 3. Pr., PFEN 4300 Advanced manufacturing process of fabric formation; fabric structure, geometry and mechanical properties; recent advances in theoretical and experimental fabric formation systems. Spring. Departmental approval.
  • PFEN 8200 ADVANCED TEXTILE STRUCTURE DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT (3). LEC. 3. Technical fabric design and development of complex woven, knit, braided and tufted structures for high performance applications. Fall.


Last Updated: Sep 01, 2023