Grants and Contracts

  • Design, Fabrication and Testing of Novel Medical Facemasks to Prevent COVID-19, $75,000.00, State of Alabama, Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA), Feb. 1, 2021 – Jan. 31, 2022.
  • OVPR Undergraduate Research Program Project, Adanur budget: $1,500.00 (Student, Kiana LaBombard, assistantship: $5,000.00). May 15, 2017-May 15, 2018.
  • Adanur, S., “Polymeric and Textile Materials for Spherical Air Ships”. Sponsor: Skyborne International, Duration: 2 years (2/1/2015-1/31/2017).
  • Broughton, R. (PI), Beale, D., (Co-PI), Adanur, S., and Foster, W., Design and Analysis of Stiffeners and Tension Compression Struts Using Braided, Open-Architecture Composite Structures (O-ACS), NASA, $ 100,000.00, 21 November 2013 - 20 November 2014. 
  • Adanur, S. (PI), Meir, A. J., and Cao, Y., Virtual 3D Interlaced Fabric Design and Characterization, $37,500.00, AU-IGP, 1 February 2012 - 31 January 2014.
  • Adanur, S., Development of Composite and Sandwich Structured Fuel Cell Membranes, $100,000.00, 9/1/2009-8/31/2010.
  • Adanur, S.,  secured the donation of 10, 862 kg of polymers and color additives to the Polymer and Fiber Engineering from Thermo Fisher, $21,600 (April  2010).
  • Adanur, S., Graduate Outreach Program (GOP) Grant, $135.00, Spring 2009 (teaching grant).
  • Adanur, S., Nanoparticle Reinforced Hybrid Fibers and Films, Department of Commerce, $119,999.00, 6/1/08-5/31/09. 
  • Davis, Ed (PI/Mentee), and Adanur, S. (Mentor), Imogolite/PEO Nanocomposite Fibers and Membranes, $4,000.00, AU 2008 Faculty Mentoring Program.
  • Adanur, S. (PI), and four other researchers from Clemson University, “Development of Drug Eluting Textile Stents”, $4,000, Department of Commerce, National Textile Center, 2008-2009.
  • Tatarchuk, B. (PI), Adanur, S., and Broughton, R., Tank and Automotive Command Center (TACOM) Project, PFEN share $72,000, Fall 2005-Spring 2010.
  • Y. Ikiz (PI) and  Adanur (consultant), Development of Nanofibers for Filtration Using Electrospinning, Pamukkale University, sponsored by TUBITAK of Turkey, 80,500 YTL (~$ 61,923), Jan. 2006-Dec. 2008.
  • Duke, S. (PI), Byrne, M. E. (Co-PI), Adanur, S., and ten other researchers, REU Site for Micro/Nano-Structured Materials, Therapeutics, and Devices, NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU), $297,846, Summer 2006-Summer 2008.
  • Adanur, S. (PI), and Aglan, H. (Co-PI, Tuskegee University), U.S.-Turkey Cooperative Research: Design and Processing Characteristics of Novel Three Dimensional Fibrous Preforms for Composite Reinforcement, $34,201.00, Sept. 1, 2004-Aug. 31, 2007, National Science Foundation.
  • Adanur, S. (PI), Choe, B., Fan, Q., and Warner, S., Coated and Laminated Fabrics for Fuel Cells, $318,074.00, May 1, 2004-April 30, 2008, Department of Commerce, National Textile Center.
  • Thomas, H., (PI), Adanur, S., Elton, D., and Riggs, L., Reinforcement Fabrics with Electronic Transmission Capabilities, $278,390.00, May 1, 2005-April 30, 2008, Department of Commerce, National Textile Center.
  • Adanur, S., secured the donation of two injection molding machines to Auburn University by Thermofisher Scientific, 3 May 3 2007: (1) FU CHIN SHIN 75 TON, MODEL: KT-75G, SERIAL # H03185, YEAR: 1988, Value: $4,500.00. (2) FU CHIN SHIN 75 TON, MODEL: KT-75, SERIAL # H03172, YEAR: 1988, Value: $4,500.00.
  • Adanur, S., (PI), and Warner, S., Textile Prostheses for Vascular Applications, $389,753.00, Auburn’s share: $241,510.00, May 1, 2003-April 30, 2006, Department of Commerce, National Textile Center. 
  • Patra, P. (PI), Adanur, S., and four other researchers, Nano Engineered Fire Resistant Composite Fibers, Adanur’s share: $90,920.00, May 1, 2002-April 30, 2005, Department of Commerce, National Textile Center.
  • Parker, F.,  Dyer, D.  (PIs), Adanur, S., and several other Engineering Faculty, AU Priority Areas; Transportation Pinnacle: Commercial Highway Systems,  October 1, 99-September 30, 2004. Budget for Adanur: $24,000.
  • Adanur, S., (PI) ElMogahzy, Y., and Abdelhady, F., Yarn and Fabric Design and Analysis in 3D Virtual Reality, Department of  Commerce, National Textile Center, $ 177,938, May 1, 2000 - April 30, 2003.
  • Adanur, S. (PI), Bakhtiyarov, S., and Beale, D., Characterization of Air-Yarn Interface in Air-Jet Weaving, Department of Commerce, National Textile Center, $ 262,742.00, May 1, 1999-April 30, 2002.
  • Adanur, S., equipment secured for Air-Jet Research. L5200 S 210 N2 IK TE Air-Jet Weaving Machine  (L5200 series, filament execution, 210 cm max. reed width, low built (without superstructure), two color pick at will, crank shedding motion, electronic filling feeders); Manufacturing # 031166; Serial # JA 2663; Machine # 0003; Manufacturing date: 1997.08; Market Value: $15,000.00; Donor: Sulzer Textile, Inc.; Date Received: Nov. 22, 2002.
  • Adanur, S. , Fast Net-Shape Manufacturing of Polymer Composite Structures, 1995 NSF  Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program, National Science Foundation, $ 210,000.00; Sept. 1, 1996 - Aug. 31, 2001.
  • ElHalwagi, M. (PI), Adanur, S., and 15 other faculty, Bicomplexity Incubation Project Proposal FY 2000-2002, $ 220,000.00, National Science Foundation, Duration: 1 year, Sept. 2000- August 2001.
  • Adanur, S. (PI), and Shalaby, S. E. (Egypt), "Design and Manufacture of Stitch Bonded, Thermoplastic Textile Composites", US-Egypt Science and Technology Joint Fund, National Science Foundation,  $ 39,978, September 1, 1998 - August 31, 2001.
  • P. Jones (PI), C. A. Flood, S. Adanur, Developing a Course Based on Equipment Design for Introduction to Engineering; AU College of Engineering; $ 24,050; June 1, 1999-May 31, 2000.
  • Adanur, S. (PI), Thomas, H., Gowayed, Y. and Ghosh, T., On-line Measurement of Fabric Mechanical Properties for Process Control, Department of Commerce, National Textile Center, $ 446,912.00; March 1, 96 – April  31, 2000.  
  • Jang, B. Z. (PI), Yang, X. F., and Adanur, S., Solid Free Form Fabrication of Advanced Alloys and Metal Matrix Composites, College of Engineering Graduate Research Assistantship, $ 20,000.00; October 1, 1997-September 30, 1999.
  • D. Elton (PI) and S. Adanur; Waterjet Manufacturing of Custom Geotextiles, College of Engineering Infrastructural Awards, $ 62,524.00; October 1, 1997-September 30, 1999.
  • Utilization of Solid Waste in Alabama, Y. Gowayed (Project Coordinator), S. Adanur and 15 other researchers, NSF/EPSCoR, $ 3 million, Dr. Adanur's share: $ 150,000.00; Aug. 1995-July 1999. 
  • Adanur, S. (PI) and five other researchers from four universities, Design and Characterization of Geotextiles for High Performance Applications, Department of Commerce, National Textile Center; amount: $ 915,000.00; Auburn's share $ 520,000.00; March 1, 1994 - April 30, 1998.
  • Adanur, S., A New Military Fabric with Flame Resistance Properties; US Army Natick R&D and Engineering Center; $ 40,000.00; Dec. 1995 - Dec. 1997. 
  • Fingerprinting and Backward Quality Projection in Textile Products, PIs: Y. Elmogahzy (leader), R. Broughton, S. Adanur, Y. Gowayed (Auburn), S. Jayaraman (Ga Tech), M. Suh, W. Oxenham, J. Woo, J. Rust (NC State), E. Backe (ITT), $ 540,000.00,  Dr. Adanur's share: $ 40,000.00, National Textile Center, March 1, 1995 - February 28, 1996.
  • Textile Structural Composites Laboratory, National Science Foundation, Instrumentation and Laboratory Improvement (ILI) Award, $ 87,185.00 (42.5% NSF, 42.5 % Auburn cost share, 15% Private Industry Contribution), PI: S. Adanur, Co-PIs: W. Walsh, R. Walker, B. Jang, September 1, 1994 - August 31, 1996.
  • Textile Structures for Composites: Stitch Bonded Laminar Composites, National Textile Center, $ 2,310,000 for 4 universities; Auburn's share $ 223,656.00, PIs: S. Adanur and Yasser Gowayed, March 1, 1993 - February 28, 1996.
  • Adanur, S., Wellington Sears Handbook of Industrial Textiles, Wellington Sears Company, Valley, AL, $ 60,000.00, October 1, 1993-March 15, 1995.
  • Design of a Braiding Machine to Produce Wide, Flat Woven Structures at a Significantly Increased Production Rate, PIs: R. Walker (leader), R., Broughton , S. Adanur, D. Beale, M. Nelms, National Textile Center, $ 570,000.00, Adanur's share: $ 90,000.00, March 92 - February 94. 

Graduate Students Advised

Name   Degree Date Thesis/Dissertation Title
Meeks, S. B.   2012  Design and Characterization of a Novel Filling Insertion System for Weaving Machines
Zheng, H. 2010  Development and Characterization of Sulfonated Polyimide Membrane for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Applications
Gocek, I. 2010 Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Polymeric Films and Membranes
Keskin, R. 2010 Nano Particle and Fiber Reinforced Injection Molded Polymeric Materials
Liu, W.  2010 Activated Carbon Fiber Filter Media for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
Selver, E.  2010 Extrusion and Properties of Nanoclay Added Composite Polypropylene Monofilaments
Isikel, L. 2007 Design and Characterization of Nonwoven Fabrics for Gas Diffusion Layer in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells
Irsale, S. A. 2005 Polymeric Textile Stents: Prototyping and Modeling
Ascioglu, B. 2005 Manufacturing and Heat Transfer Analysis of Nano-Micro Fiber Composites
Irsale, S. A.  2003 Textile Prosthesis for Vascular Applications
Vakalapudi, S.  2003  Fabric Design and Analysis System in 3D Virtual Reality  
Onal, L. 2002 3D Hybrid Structural Composites
Turel, T. 2002 Effects of Air and Yarn Characteristics in Air-Jet Filling Insertion
Tascan, M. 2001 Velocity and Pressure Measurements on Single-Jet and Multi-Jet Filling Insertion Simulators
Orak, H.  2001 Characteristics of Braided Composites for Truck Chassis Frame
Kayathi, K. K. 2001 Reuse of Recovered Polyester from Waste Industrial Fabrics
Xu, B. H. 1999 Fast Manufacturing of Net-Shape Braided/Epoxy Textile Structural Composites
Arumugam, Y. 1998 Characteristics of Ultraviolet Cured Glass/Epoxy Composites
Qi, J.  1998 Analysis of the Properties of Fabrics Made on Air-Jet Weaving Machine
Tewari. A. 1997   Yarn Formation and Flammability Characteristics of Nylon/Carbon/Cotton Blends
Hou, Z. 1997 Recovery of Waste PVC Coated PET Fabrics by Swelling Method
Gongalareddy, S. 1996 Design, Manufacture and Testing of 3-D Stitched Woven Composite Structures
Mallick, S. B. 1996 Frictional Characteristics of Geotextile-Sand Interface
Zhai, H. 1996 Evaluation of Interface Friction Properties Between Geotextiles and Sands in Pullout Loading Conditions
Yuksekkaya, M. E. 1996  Design and Analysis of Braided Tubular Structures for Medical Applications
Tsao, Y.  P.  1995 Stitch Bonded Textile Structural Composites 
Tam, C. W. 1995 Fabrication and Testing of On-Loom Stitched 3-D Glass/Epoxy Laminar Composites 
Sartain, S.  L. 1994  A Comparison of the Structural Characteristics and Behavioral Properties of Interlaced Fabrics Produced by Braiding and Weaving
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