(BET) Business Engineering Technology Minor

What is the Business-Engineering-Technology Minor?

The B-E-T academic minor is a blend of engineering and business courses open to all business or engineering majors. The minor is particularly useful to engineering students who want to have business knowledge, or a business student who wants to have a foundation of engineering concepts. A student can earn the B-E-T minor by earning 16 credits over four semesters. Those who obtain a B-E-T minor will have a strong advantage since it provides real-world experience in international products and offers a competitive edge when beginning one's career. 

Program qualifications:

  • All business and engineering majors
  • Those who will be sophomores or juniors in the fall
  • Freshmen and sophomore in January with a 3.0 or above GPA
  • Once admitted into the minor, all students must maintain a 3.0 or above GPA

Business-Engineering-Technology curriculum

The 16-credit, four-semester minor requires the completion of the following B-E-T courses:

  • BUSI/ENGR 3510 Introduction to B-E-T
  • BUSI/ENGR 3520 Integrating Engineering and Business Theory with Practice
  • BUSI/ENGR 3560 Leadership for Business and Engineers 
  • BUSI/ENGR 5540 Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation
  • BUSI/ENGR 5550 Product/Process Design and Development I
  • BUSI/ENGR 5560 Product/Process Design and Development II