Virtual career fairs can help you expand your job and internship search while allowing you to meet multiple organizations that are actively hiring from the comfort of your computer. Whether you are a seasoned career fair attendee or attending a virtual fair for the first time, consider these tips and guidelines to prepare before, during, and after the fair.



  • Find and download the CareerFair+ app or access
  • Create an account and complete you profile. Make sure to complete all required fields and upload a PDF version of your most up-to-date resume.
  • Identify employers attending and create a list of your top 5 – 10 companies.
  • Reserve employer meetings starting one week prior to the event. These meetings are not interviews, but they are an opportunity for you to speak one-on-one with a recruiter about your interest in their company.
  • Log in and request meetings with desired employers.
    • If slots are full – keep checking back for available meetings
    • Some employers indicate “pre-requisites” such as major, GPA, U.S. work authorization, in order to reserve a meeting time.
    • You will be required to maintain 10 minutes between each meeting time
    • Jot down your meeting times, recruiter names, and any additional pre-requisites to complete before your meeting.
    • Add meeting times to your calendar!

Prepare for employer meetings

  • Research and tailor your approach! Think about the company’s
    • Products and services
    • Company culture
    • Recent news such as acquisitions, name changes, or any interesting projects
  • Prepare 3-5 questions for each company
  • Create and/or revise your resume and print enough copies to give to recruiters
  • Prepare and practice your personal introduction or elevator pitch
  • Set-up a quiet space with appropriate background for your career fair meetings.
     PRO TIP: Avoid backgrounds that could be distracting such as busy posters or flags. Turn off your ceiling fan.

Dress for Success

  • Dress professionally. You can find guidance on the differences between business casual and professional in Auburn’s Job Search Guide .
  • Expanding your professional wardrobe? Schedule an appointment Campus Career Closet through the University Career Center.
  • Keep a pen, pad of paper, and copy of your resume in front of you for reference during meetings.


  • If possible, plan to attend your meetings on a desktop at, not on your phone. Make sure to use Chrome or Safari browsers. Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are not recommended.
  • Get to a quiet space and remove distractions.
  • Ensure a secure internet connection.
  • Be mindful of your background, lighting, and noise.
  • Review your schedule and company information.
  • Take a deep breath. Stay friendly, confident, prepared, and enthusiastic.

Attend scheduled meetings

  • Locate the company you are meeting with and make sure your video is on
  • Enter the video chat at your scheduled time. You may wait in a “waiting room.”
  • Look into the camera, not at the screen.
  • Be mindful of body language and movements such as swiveling your chair.
  • Begin with a personal introduction.
  • Keep your resume available for your reference. The employer will have your electronic resume from the career fair web platform.
  • Ask prepared questions.
  • Discuss any next steps.

Look for group rooms

  • Look for companies with group rooms which you can access at any point during the available timeframe.
  • Have questions prepared.
  • Be confident in your questions as other students may be present.
  • Remember: Look into the camera, not at the screen.

Thank you to company recruiter

  • If desired, ask if you can reach out to follow-up.
  • Obtain the recruiter’s contact information.
  • Make notes from the conversation once your call is complete.


Follow up

  • Send an email thank-you note within 24-48 hours.
  • Personalize to each company or recruiter.

Include in your thank-you note:

  • Appreciation for taking the time to speak with you.
  • Something you enjoyed or learned from the conversation.
  • The action you plan to take or completed based on your conversations.

Keep your message short. Attach your resume for reference.

Hint: Keep contact information you collected from the company representative in an organized place so you can refer back to it in the future.


Take Action

  • Follow the recruiter’s instruction regarding applying for positions within a few days.
  • Consider asking the recruiter for follow-up call, virtual chat, or informational interview connection.
  • Attend any follow-up recruitment events with companies you are most attracted to. You can find them on the Auburn Engineering Career Events page, the company website, or LinkedIn page.