Make a positive and lasting impression in a short time by preparing your own 30-second to one-minute personal introduction.

An elevator pitch is essential when speaking with career professionals in settings such as a career fair, a conference or networking event, or an informational interview. An elevator pitch should be a short, yet descriptive introduction designed to confidently present yourself. Review the elevator pitch components below and then craft your own! Once you prepare your pitch, practice it out loud.



At a career fair, you are expected to initiate the conversation by introducing yourself with your elevator speech which should include

  • Name
  • Major
  • Year in school or expected graduation date
  • What are my interests or passions?
  • What do I get excited about?
  • What motivates me?
  • Why would I like to work for this employer and/or why does their position appeal to me?
Past Experience
  • What experiences have I had in the past that are relevant to this employer?
  • What have I learned about certain professions or engineering fields?
Reason for attending fair
  • Full-time
  • Internship / Co-op
  • Networking for future possibilities
  • Timeframe you are looking to work
Call to Action
  • What would I like to learn from this professional contact?
  • What next steps would I like to happen?
Additional items to include when possible
Connection to the employer
  • Previous exposure to the company through an information session, informational interview, or previous fair
  • A friend or relative works for the company
Special qualifications
  • Classes, skills, and interest areas highly align with the company

Example: You are a member of an engineering club and have done project management or technical work that aligns with the employer's job description.



  • Make it conversational.
  • Express confidence.
  • Avoid acronyms or niche words and phrases.
  • Do not speak too fast or in a monotone voice.
  • Smile!
  • Do not limit yourself to a single pitch. Tailor your pitch to the person you are speaking with.



"Hi. My name is Lauren Williams. I am a junior studying Biosystems Engineering at Auburn University, which focuses on the chemical and biological components of engineering. I have an interest in site design, which aligns well with the areas XYZ Company focuses on. I have experience conducting research related to the organization of small aquatic ecosystems, and also worked on a project team to design an automated system to clean and process biomass before it turned into ethanol. My environmentally-focused training prepares me well to focus on design challenges in the natural environment. I am interested in summer internship opportunities and I would love to learn more about opportunities with XYZ Company."