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There are four major studies in the biomaterial process engineering area:

  • Food Processing

Developing value-added products and explore usage of by-products


  • Lifecycle of the Sustainable Packaging Materials

To develop biodegradable active packaging films and their application to food/drug, and promote petroleum-based plastic recycling.


  • Biofuel and Biomaterials

To develop methods and systems for generating biofuel and materials for biodegradable films from bio-based feedstock with and without the assistance of radio frequency (RF) heating.


  • Biomedical/Functional Foods

To extract, separate, purify, identify and microencapsulate bioactive element from from algae and other aquatic biomaterials, and study the inhibition of bioactive elements that influence childhood obesity and it's concomitant systems.


In the biomaterial supply chain management work, research focuses on:

  1. Food supply chain management, food traceability systems using RFID technology, and risk management.
  2. Application and development of classic food safety programs such as good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP).