Graduate programs

Professor and students

The Department of Aerospace Engineering offers two master's degrees:

Minimum 30 credit hours including 6 credit hours for AERO 7990 (Research and Thesis).

Oral Examination covering student's research and thesis.

Final thesis document submission.

33 credit hours of course work.

May include 3 hours of AERO 7980 (Aerospace Engineering Project).

Final written report approved by student's advisory committee and written in a period of one semester.

Student must pass the Graded Presentation Examination.

We also offer a doctorate degree:

Total of 60 credit hours beyond the bachelor's degree.

30 credit hours of graded coursework (6000 level and above), 18 of which must be completed as a graduate student in Auburn.

30 additional credit hours of course work that may include non-graded courses

May include a maximum of four credit hours of Research and Thesis from a completed master’s degree  

For more information about our graduate program, financial aid, and information on how to apply, please visit our graduate application webpage here.

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