Graduate Students

Current Students

Oluwaseyi Ife Akinwande, MS student, since Aug. 2019.

PhD Students Supervised

  1. Kefan Xiao, (co-advised with Shiwen Mao), Ph.D. Dissertation, Towards Efficient Wireless Networking: TCP and Its Application Redesigns, Auburn University, Dec. 2018.
  2. Guangjie Huang, Ph.D. Dissertation, On Multiantenna Spectrum Sensing and Energy-Aware Resource Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks, Auburn University, Aug. 2013. (Broadcom Corp., Santa Clara, CA.)
  3. Hua Mu, Ph.D. Dissertation, Resource Allocation and Precoding in Cognitive Radio and Relay Networks, Auburn University, Dec. 2012. (Assistant Professor, Florida Institute of Tech, Melbourne, Fl)
  4. Hyosung Kim, Ph.D. Dissertation, Adaptive Estimation and Equalization of Doubly-Selective Fading Channels Using Basis Expansion Models, Auburn University, Dec. 2010. (Korean Army, South Korea.)
  5. Liying Song, Ph.D. Dissertation, Channel Estimation and Equalization for Doubly-Selective Channels Using Basis Expansion Models, Auburn University, May 2008. (Broadcom Corp., Sunnyvale, CA.)
  6. Shuangchi He, Ph.D. Dissertation, Doubly Selective Channel Estimation and Equalization using Superimposed Training and Basis Expansion Models, Auburn University, August 2007.
  7. Soonho Jeong, Ph.D. Dissertation, Topics in multisensor maneuvering target tracking, Auburn University, Aug. 2005. (Ministry of National Defense, Seoul, Korea.)
  8. Sumedh P. Puranik, Ph.D. Dissertation, Some new algorithms for multiple maneuvering target tracking, Auburn University, May 2005. (ARCON Corp., Waltham, MA.)
  9. Xiaohong Meng, Ph.D. Dissertation, Estimation of Wireless Communications Channels using Superimposed Training: Approaches, Analysis and Applications, Auburn University, May 2005. (MIPS Technologies, Mountain View, CA.),
  10. Xin Wang, Ph.D. Dissertation, On Medium Access Control Schemes and Cross Layer Design, Auburn University, Dec. 2004. (Associate Professor, Dept. of Electrical Eng., Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL.)
  11. Weilin Luo, Ph.D. Dissertation, Blind Equalization and Identification of Time-Varying Communication Channels, Auburn University, Dec. 2003.
  12. Jinghong Ma, Ph.D. Dissertation, Blind Equalization and Multiuser Detection of DS-CDMA Signals in Multipath Channels, Auburn University, December 2002. (First job: AMBS, LLC, Huntsville, AL.),
  13. Tong-tong Li, Ph.D. Dissertation, Blind Channel Estimation and Multiuser Detection for CDMA Systems over Multipath Channels, Auburn University, August 2000. (Associate Professor, Dept. of Electrical & Computer Eng., Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI.)
  14. Yi Zhou, Ph.D. Dissertation, Identification of Closed-Loop Linear Systems Using Polyspectral Analysis, Auburn University, December 1999. (First job: Spirent Communications, Hekimian Division, Rockville, MD.)
  15. Bing Chen, Ph.D. Dissertation, Algorithms for Multisensor Maneuvering Target Tracking, Auburn University, December 1999. (IBM, Hopewell Junction, NY.)
  16. Bin Huang, Ph.D. Dissertation, Blind Equalization and Identification of Communication Channels, Auburn University, December 1999. (First job: BOPS (billions of operations per second), Inc, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.)
  17. C. Tontiruttananon, Ph.D. Dissertation, Parametric Identification of Closed-Loop Linear Systems, Auburn University, August 1998. (First job: Nortel Networks, Richardson, Texas.)

MS Students Supervised

  1. Ergang Liu, M.S. Thesis, Linear Model Validation and Order Selection using Higher-Order Statistics, Auburn University, March 1998. (Is now with PC-Tel, Inc., San Jose, CA.)
  2. Anil Govindaraju, M.S. Thesis, Blind Source Localization and Signal Copy Using Higher-Order Statistics, Auburn University, August 1997. (Is now with Aware, Inc., Boston, MA.)
  3. C. Tontiruttananon, M.S. Thesis, Equation Error Based Identification Methods: A Comparative Study and Application to Adaptive System Identification, Auburn University, March 1997.
  4. Uma Gummadavelli, M.S. Thesis, Blind Channel Estimation and Equalization with Correlated Input Signals using Higher-Order Statistics, Auburn University, Dec. 1994.
  5. Swaminathan Rajeswari, M.S. Thesis, Initialization Techniques for Adaptive Blind Equalizers using Higher-Order Statistics, Auburn University, June 1993.
  6. Theresa L. Phillips, M.S. Thesis, Estimation of Direction of Arrival of Multiple Sources in Correlated Gaussian Noise, Auburn University, June 1991.
  7. R. Chokhawala, M.S. Project, Partitioned Adaptive Control of Linear Systems with Faulty Sensors, University of Iowa, Feb. 1982.
  8. V. John Mathews, M.S. Thesis, Fixed Lag Smoothing for Systems with Jump Parameters, University of Iowa, Dec. 1981.

Current MS Students


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