Specification Corner

Colorado DOT
We revised our chip seal, microsurfacing, slurry seal, and emulsion specifications to get them more in line with the national ISSA standards.

Florida DOT
Effective January 2015, specifications were modified to require non tracking tack for all FDOT projects. Though there were some initial issues, this is slowly being sorted out and is working well. FDOT implemented the MSCR Jnr requirements for modified binders in July 2013 and will implement the Jnr requirements for unmodified binders beginning in July 2016.

Minnesota DOT
No significant changes to our Superpave specifications. We are implementing the MSCR for binders, and most 2017 projects will use the MSCR specification.

Mississippi DOT
In January 2016, MDOT revised the specification for SMA to allow up to 10% RAP by weight of aggregate. The RAP is required to be crushed and processed.