Steel Bridge

The Steel Bridge is an important competition for the ASCE. Rules are provided to teams across the country and even to schools outside of the United States. This competition challenges students to design and construct a bridge made entirely of steel parts that meet certain requirements and restrictions. On top of the requirements and restrictions, there are rules to how a team will actually construct the bridge to simulate the effects of real restrictions on actual construction sites. The bridge is then loaded to a predetermined weight at a selected location to test its deflections. All of this information is calculated into a final budget for the construction of the bridge and this is how teams are ranked.

Steel Bridge Captain

Austin Harmon

Austin is a junior in Civil Engineering who hopes to pursue a future in water and waste water treatment when he graduates from Auburn in the Fall of 2018. He is from Lafayette, AL, a small town just north of Auburn. Austin is the Captain of the Steel Bridge team and would love to have anyone interested in any aspect of the bridge to contact him immediately.

For this year's steel bridge rules, visit:

2015 Steel Bridge Construction