Graduate Students at Auburn University

Graduate Research Assistants (Thesis/Dissertation Students)

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) at Auburn University:

 Graduated - 11

  1. Nirajan Dhakal, May 2012, "Development of Guidance for Runoff Coefficient Selection and Modified Rational Unit Hydrograph Method for Hydrologic Design"
  2. Suresh Sharma, August 2012 (Co-chair with Dr. Srivastava in Biosystems Engineering), "Incorporating El Nino Ocsillation (ENSO)-Induced Climate Variability for Long-Range Hydrologic Forecasting and Strean Water Quality Protection"
  3. Golbahar Mirhosseini, August 2013 (Co-chair with Dr. Srivastavain Biosystems Engineering), "Evaluating the Impact of Climate Change on Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) Curves in Alabama Using Dynamically-Downscaled Precipitation Data"
  4. Manoj KC, May 2014, "Understanding and Eastimating Travel Times of Overland Flows on Planes"
  5. Janesh Devkota, August 2014, “Understanding Unsteady Flow and Modeling Water Quality Dynamics in the Coastal Systems under Various Hydrological and Climate Scenarios”
  6. Gang Chen, May 2016,  "Understanding Unsteady Flow Dynamics, Temperature, and Dye Distributions of Density Currents in a River-Reservoir System under Different Upstream Releases and Meteorological Scenarios"
  7. Liping Jiang,  December 2016, " Identifying Potential Cisco Refuge Lakes in Minnesota under Future Climate Warming Scenarios"
  8. Xiaoning Li, August 2019, "Understanding of Road-Bioretention Strip Design and Improvement from Hydraulic Perspective"
  9. Zuhier Alakayleh, December 2019 (Co-chair with Dr. Clement), "Qualifying the Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity and Corresponding Infilitration Processess"
  10. Matthew D. Ricks, December 2020 (Co-chair with Dr. Zech), "Comparative Analysis of Soil Erosion Using Large-, Intermediate-, and Small-Scale Test Plots of Bare Soil and Different Hydromulch Products under Large-Scale Rainfall Simulator"
  11. Bushra Tasnim, December 2023 (Co-chair with Dr. Hayworth), "Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Modeling of Lake and Estuary Systems Considering Inflow and Outflow Effects",

Currently supervising - 1

  1. Yuting Ji, August 2024 -


Master of Science (M.S.) or Master of Civil Engineering (M.C.E.) at Auburn University:

 Graduated - 19

  1. Jasmeet Singh Lamba, (M.S.), December 2009, “Surface and subsurface transport of phosphorus from surface and subsurface-applied poultry litter” (Co-chair with Dr. Srivastava in Biosystems Engineering).
  2. Nirajan Dhakal (M.C.E.), May 2010
  3. Sushban Shrestha (M.S.), August 2011, "Watershed Response to Land Use and Climate Change in the Saugahatchee Creek Watershed Using the WARMF Model"
  4. Liping Jiang (M.C.E.) August 2012
  5. Manoj KC (M.C.E.) August 2012
  6. Janesh Devkota (M.C.E.) August 2012
  7. Christopher Logan (M.S.) December 2012 (Co-chair with Dr. Zech) "Assessing Performance Characteristics of Sediment Basins Constructed in Franklin County, Alabama"
  8. Thomas B. Weems (M.S.) August 2013, "Water Balance Analysis using WARMF in Support of an EFDC Hydrodynamic Model"
  9. Kyle D. Lusk (M.S.), August 2017, "Modeling of the Wolf Bay and Perdido Bay Watersheds using HSPF"
  10. Sagar K. Tamang (M.S.) August 2017, "Quantifying Flow and Sediment Yield of an Ungauged Catchment using a Combination of Continuous Soil Moisture Accounting and Event-based Curve Number Method"
  11. Sudan Pokharel (M.S.)  December 2017, "Evaluating and Understanding of Bridge Scour Calculation"
  12. Jalil Ahmad Jamily (M.S.) December 2018, "Developoing an Hourly Water Quality Model to Simulate Diurnal Water Temperature and Dissolved Oxygen Variations in Shallow Lakes"
  13. Jie Pu (M.C.E.), May 2019
  14. Xueqian Li (M.S.), May 2019, "Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Simulations in the Perdido and Wolf Bay System"
  15. Bushra Tasnim (M.S.), August 2020, "Enhancement and Redevelopment of the Regional Lake Water Quality Model with Applications"
  16. Mingzhao Zhou (M.C.E.), December 2020.
  17. Nikit Bhattarai (M.S.), August 2022, "Study of Ice Jam Events on Missouri River During the Winter Seasons"
  18. Esthefany Mejia Reyes (M.S.), August 2023, "Determing the Average Available Workdays for ALDOT Construction Projetcs"
  19. Susan Poudel (M.S.), December 2023, "Hydrodynamic Modeling to Study the Impacts of Hurricanes without and with NNBFs in the Coastal Region of Mobile Bay"

 Currently supervising (including co-advisor) - 1

  1. Yuting Ji, August 2022 -


Graduate Students at Lamar University

(Beaumont, Texas, 1995-2010)                     

Doctor of Engineering (D.E.) at Lamar University, Texas:

Graduated – 5

  1. Dehui Su, August, 2003, “Development and applications of an integration one- and two-dimensional, numerical urban rainfall-flood simulation model”
  2. Shoudong Jiang, May, 2007, “Numerical simulations of shallow flow characteristics through curb-opening inlets at various longitudinal and cross slopes”
  3. Pratistha Pradhan, December 2007, “Estimation of rainfall loss and unit hydrograph parameters using non-linear programming”
  4. Jinwei Qiu, August 2008, “Gravel transport estimation and flow simulations over low-water stream crossings”
  5. Alam Reaz Shoeb, August 2010, "Identification of potential coldwater refuge lakes important for sustaining cisco habitat under climate warming in Minnesota"


Master of Engineering Science (M.E.S.) at Lamar University, Texas:

Graduated – 8

  1. Alam Reaz Shoeb, May 1999, “Simulation and validation of fish habitat constraints in small U.S. lakes under different climate scenarios”
  2. Nagrani Nitin K., December 2002. “Design of confined placement areas in Sabine-Neches waterway, Texas, for the 50-year dredged material management plan”
  3. Agnihotri Nilesh, August 2003, “Unit hydrograph development for watersheds in Fort Worth”
  4. Gharty Chhetri OM, December 2003. “Synthesis of storm drainage design - current methodologies”
  5. Khanal Prakash; May 2004, “Development of regional synthetic unit hydrograph for Texas watersheds”
  6. Malla Ranjit, December, 2004, “Estimating time parameters of direct runoff and unit hydrographs for Texas watersheds”
  7. Gajendra Shrestha, May, 2005, “Gravel transport over low-water crossings in Johnson Fork River, Texas”
  8. Rajendra Shrestha, December, 2006, “Water temperature simulation in Amistad Reservoir”

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