Student Photos

Auburn University

2014 Auburn University commencement ceremony (8/2/2014). From left to right: Xunfei Jiang (Ph.D., Summer 2014), Xiao Qin, and Ji Zhang (Ph.D., Summer 2013).

2011 Auburn University commencement ceremony (12/12/2011).From left to right: Maen Al Assaf (Ph.D., Dec. 2011), Xiao Qin, and Jiong Xie (Ph.D., Dec. 2011).

Back (left to right): Ji Zhang, James Majors (MSc, May 11), Riley Spahn, Alexander Luchs, Alfred Nelson. Front (left to right):Yun Tian, Maen Al Assaf (Ph.D., Dec. 11), Xunfei Jiang, Xiao Qin, Jiong Xie (Ph.D., Dec. 11), Shu Yin, Xiaojun Ruan (Ph.D., Summer'11), Yixian Yang, Jianguo Lu (MSc, Summer'11), and Zhiyang Ding (Ph.D., Summer'11). (May 2011).

Back (left to right): Alfred Nelson, Joshua Lewis, Yun Tian, Xiaojun Ruan (Ph.D., Summer'11), Jianguo Lu (MSc, Summer'11), James Majors (MSc, May 11), and Maen Al Assaf. Front (left to right): Zhiyang Ding (Ph.D., Summer'11), Ming Hu, Adam Manzanares (Ph.D., Summer'10), Xiao Qin, Chuanhui Cheng, Jiong Xie, and Shu Yin. (May 2010).

Back (left to right): Jouanne Von, James Majors, Eric Ingram, Zhiyang Ding Shu Yin; Front (left to right): Jiong Xie, Brian Jablonsky, Adam Manzanares , Xiao Qin, Xiaojun Ruan, Kiranmai Bellam (Ph.D., Summer'09). (May 2009).

Recent and current members of the storage systems research group. Front row clockwise: Adam Manzanares (Ph.D. student), Xiao Qin (group leader), Fangyang Shen (Ph.D., 2008). Back row: Xiaojun Ruan (Ph.D. student), Ziliang Zong (Ph.D., 2008), Christopher M. Monsanto (Undergraduate student), and Kiranmai Bellam (PhD student). (July, 2008).

From left to right: Tao Xie (Ph.D., 2006), Xiao Qin (group leader), Mohammed Alghamdi (Ph.D. candidate), Kiranmai Bellam(Ph.D. student), Brian Stinar (B.S., 2006), Adam Manzanares (Ph.D. student), Hashin, and Mais Nijim (Ph.D., 2007). (4/29/2006)

Tao and Xiao, 2006 New Mexico Tech commencement ceremony (5/12/2006).