Jobs at NCAT

Sr. and Asst. NCAT Engineer 

Essential Functions:

- Perform research and development tasks related to asphalt pavement technologies following national and/or state guidelines and requiring the application of professional civil engineering principles and practices.
- Direct and analyze lab testing for research related to asphalt and for quality assurance programs.
- Work with graduate students to improve their skills in asphalt technology research, including project management, laboratory testing, data analysis, and technical writing.
- Conduct pavement performance assessments at a project and/or network level to determine causes of deterioration.
- Teach asphalt technician certification and pavement construction management courses.

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Asst./Assoc./Full Research Professor

This is a non-tenure track faculty position that will provide leadership, support and coordination for the asphalt research, education, and programs at NCAT. Appointment, review, and promotion in the research title series requires demonstrated abilities to initiate and maintain a program of research or outreach supported by contracts, grants, or other designated funds. All research title series positions are one-year contracts that may be renewed annually or, if for a lesser period of time, the period of funding from the contract, grant, generated funds, or other designated funds. Renewal is contingent upon performance and available funding.

Externally funded programs for this position are to be in the area of asphalt pavements. Candidates must be able to demonstrate substantial research and work experience in the United States in two or more of the following areas: life cycle assessments for pavements, advanced asphalt materials characterization, development of alternative binders for flexible pavements, asphalt mixture production, asphalt pavement construction, airfield pavement construction and rehabilitation, quality assurance programs for asphalt pavement production and construction, tire-pavement interactions, inductive/dynamic electric vehicle charging / electrified roads, air and water quality issues related to asphalt pavements, mechanistic pavement design, and use of artificial intelligence in pavement management.

Appointment as an Assistant/Associate/Full Research Professor requires demonstrated abilities to initiate and maintain a program of research or creative activity supported by contracts, grants or other designated funds. Appointees in the research title series are not eligible for tenure. An Assistant/Associate/Full Research Professor shall be appointed with a one-year contract that may be renewed annually, or if for a lesser period of time, the period of funding from the contract, grant or other designated funds. 

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Postdoctoral Fellow

This is a non-tenure track position assisting NCAT’s lead research engineers in preparing externally funded research proposals and assisting NCAT graduate students in preparing and testing specimens in both NCAT laboratory and other laboratories on Auburn’s campus for ongoing research projects. The position will perform standard tests for asphalt binders and mixtures, manage and analyze test data, and prepare and proofread research reports and proposals. Applicants will be required to demonstrate a high level of safety awareness, dependability, and teamwork. The position is available for a minimum of one year as full-time 12-month appointments based on need, performance and funding, with renewal possible for a maximum of four years. Salary will be commensurate with education and experience.

Applicants must have a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering or a related field at the time employment begins. The candidate selected for this position must be able to meet eligibility requirements to work in the United States at the time the appointment is scheduled to begin and must continue working legally for the proposed term of employment. The candidate must also demonstrate a strong and sustained record of research accomplishments in asphalt pavements and have excellent written and interpersonal communication skills.

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Lab Technician

Seeking candidates for a Lab Tech I/II/III to prepare asphalt samples, collect data in the lab, on the Test Track, and in the field in support of NCAT pavement research and development. Essential functions:

  • Performs data collection in the asphalt laboratory, on the Test Track, and in the field on a wide-variety of pavement surfaces using industry-accepted devices and research prototypes.
  • Samples asphalt specimens from asphalt plants, the Test Track, and the field.
  • Prepares and tests asphalt specimens using industry-standard procedures.
  • Maintains experiments, lab classroom set-ups, and/or lab projects/services.
  • Coordinates the availability, use, and maintenance of laboratory equipment, materials, and/or key inventories.
  • Assists others by providing expertise and advice concerning laboratory operation and safety.
  • May oversee and train graduate and undergraduate students in the proper use of equipment and supplies.
  • May coordinate with industry and/or other university researchers and provide input on experimental designs and practical implications of research results.
  • Perform minor and basic construction on the Test Track under direct supervision.

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This position involves driving tractor-trailers around the Test Track in Opelika in support of research and development. Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Class A and three years MVR and criminal record check, must be insurable and posses a Medical Examiner’s Certificate. 

Essential functions:

  • Operates a tractor-trailer on a 1.7 mile test track to support pavement research in a controlled environment and to support autonomous vehicle studies in both closed road and open road environments requiring precise maneuvers at times to safely simulate emergency reactions of automated systems. 
  • Operates tractor-trailers to support vehicle component testing and fuel economy studies. Monitors operational changes that occur while operating the vehicle and communicate these with the trucking supervisor and/or track engineer. Ensures all freightliners are properly fueled.
  • Constructs test track placing roadbed materials by operating road construction equipment, such as: smooth wheeled rollers, sheep’s foot rollers, flat bed dump trucks, and front-end loaders. Ensures pavement test sections must be constructed to research-grade specifications and precision well beyond those used on public roads.
  • Under guidance of the NCAT Engineer, performs data collection in the lab using industry-standard procedures to include asphalt mixture production and testing such as sample fabrication, density testing, separation of mixture components, and verification of gradation and binder contents. 
  • Under guidance of the NCAT Engineer, performs data collection on-track using industry-standard procedures to include nuclear and electronic density testing, friction testing, sample extraction “coring”, deformation “rutting” measurements, retro reflectivity, and albedo.
  • May perform minor and basic construction to the test track on an as needed basis and under direct supervision. .

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Media Student Actor

This position is for an enrolled undergraduate student at Auburn University to co-host an educational technical video series. Each video will be between 3 and 5 minutes in duration. Must be able to memorize and recite lines and film on location in the laboratory and occasionally in the field. Must review scripts and participate in table reads, walk-throughs, dress rehearsals, and filming. Applicants will be shown preference if they have experience in filmed performances, memorize technical terms and concepts, or demonstrate acting chemistry with the other actors in the series. Additionally, membership in Auburn University acting clubs is encouraged (AU Players, Media Club, etc.). 

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About NCAT

The National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) was established in 1986 as a partnership between Auburn University and the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) Research and Education Foundation to provide practical research and development to meet the needs of maintaining America’s highway infrastructure. NCAT was created to ensure this industry’s ability to provide pavements that are durable, sustainable, quiet, safe and economical. We work with state highway agencies, the Federal Highway Administration and the highway construction industry to develop and evaluate new products, design technologies and construction methods that quickly lead to pavement improvements.

NCAT’s mission is to provide innovative, relevant and implementable research, technology development and education that advances safe, durable and sustainable asphalt pavements. NCAT’s research center and Test Track make us one of the world’s leading institutions for asphalt pavement research and an important source of information for those tasked with maintaining our nation’s infrastructure. NCAT is fully equipped with the latest laboratory and field testing equipment for pavement engineering and forensic analysis, materials testing, Field testing and asphalt research.

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