The Auburn University Detection and Food Safety Center (AUDFS) was commissioned in 1999 to address the issue of food contamination and its resulting threat to human health. AUDFS researchers work to develop sensors and systems that help prevent foodborne illnesses and reduce the risk that pathogens pose to consumers..

At the core of AUDFS are researchers from five Auburn University colleges: Agriculture, Engineering, Human Sciences, Sciences and Mathematics, and Veterinary Medicine. Our core researchers, along with the help of colleagues, staff and students from these and other disciplines, work together to address the need for next-generation sensors and information systems for the detection of food contamination, and rapid inventory and traceability of food products.

Center research is funded through several funding streams, including special university funding through the Peaks of Excellence program, federal agencies (including USDA, FDA and NSF), and food-related industries in the form of sponsored projects and industrial participation.


Our Vision

To improve the safety of the U.S. food system by developing the science and engineering required to rapidly identify, pinpoint and characterize problems that arise in the food supply chain through the integration of sensor and information systems technology.

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